Football Profits Service Review

Football Profits Service is a football tipster service provided by Chris Williams. The bets provided are chosen to be placed through Betfair.

What does the product offer?

Football Profits Service offers users selections for football games from across the world. Tips are email based and come from Chris Williams directly. Football Profits Service selections are typically sent to your email address but you can also go to the Football Profits Service website in order to get them. The bets placed cover a variety of different bets, all of which are covered on Betfair. Although this is a new service, to date it has achieved a strike rate of around 66%.

How does the product work?

Chris Williams never actually explains the selection process for Football Profits Service. It is worth noting however that he has enjoyed previous success with football betting in the shape of Football Trading Secrets, so it seems likely that Football Profits Service selections draw on the knowledge he gained doing that.

What is the initial investment?

Football Profits Service is a free service and although Chris Williams states that he may eventually charge for it, there is no evidence that this is to happen in the immediate future.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Football Profits Service has achieved a 2 point profit for June. Based off the recommended betting bank however, this actually represents 10% return.


It’s very early days for Football Profits Service yet and simply put there isn’t enough information to make a fully informed decision. I am inclined to think that Chris Williams will do an OK job of this though. He has experience in football betting and there isn’t any real reason why this can’t translate across to Football Profits Service. Arguably the biggest draw is the price although it seems apparent that this won’t be free forever. Until then though I see no harm in registering for Football Profits Service and gaining access to these free tips whilst they’re available.



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