Football Rank 5* (star) Review Sam Green

Football Rank 5* is a brand new to market tipster service which comes from tipster Sam Green. He claims to be able to provide a very substantial profit for subscribers, for an incredibly low cost.

Introduction to Football Rank 5*

I’ll be honest. The marketing for Football Rank 5* is very slick. It is a great looking website that does a very good job of illustrating just how easy to use the service is. In fact, as far as a sales pitch goes, I’d say that it’s a very bloody good example. However, as I’ve said many times before now, a good piece of copy does not make for a good tipster service.

Here’s the thing though, if Sam Green can deliver on half of what he claims with Football Rank 5*, then this will definitely be one of the better looking tipster services of 2020. There are some strong results, is a solid and easy to follow structure in place, and arguably most importantly of all is the potential value for money. Because there is bags of this potential.

Of course, it is incredibly easy to look at a sales page and decide you’re in love with it. Especially one as slick as Football Rank 5*’s. However, if I made every decision about a tipster service or betting system based off how good a job they do of selling it to me. Well, I’d have lost a small fortune to be frank. With this in mind, let’s have a look and see if this is the real deal. 

What Does Football Rank 5* Offer?

There is actually quite a lot of ground to cover with Football Rank 5*. This isn’t a particularly complex tipster service, however, Sam Green has a very… specific approach to betting. This of course means that there is a lot to go over as for me, it is very important to explain everything that you can expect from a tipster service.

So, first things first, I want to start things off a bit differently. Normally, I’ll talk about the bets that are involved, or the logistics of the service. But today, I will start by talking about the staking plan. Because ultimately, I feel like this is one of the single most important elements of Football Rank 5*.

You see, when you receive selections, you receive up to 5 of them. These are all ranked from 1 star, all the way up to 5 starts. And these stars represent the amount that you should be staking on each bet. This means that on a day that there are the maximum bets, you could be expected to stake 25 points if you are following the service fully.

Now, Sam Green himself points out a few things that make this particularly concerning to me. First of all, Football Rank 5* is ultimately a near daily service with bets issued an average of 4 days per week. On top of this, we are also told that Football Rank 5* is a year round service (something that is actually a bit of a rarity for a football service) which means that you may also be paying that out with no off season.

With that point out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about the logistics as that definitely ties into things. So, selections are sent out on a near daily basis. And, as you would probably expect, they are sent out directly to Football Rank 5* subscribers via email. The information contained within them is all pretty reasonable as well, giving you the information needed to place the bets (including those stakes of course) as well as advised odds. Something that is always welcome.

What isn’t ideal however is that whilst you receive your selections on the day of kick off, this can be anywhere from 6am to 11am. And when there is an earlier kick off, this can have two effects. First of all, you just out and out may not have time to place your bets. Secondly, even if you do, you might struggle in terms of getting those advised odds.

Keeping all of that in mind, whilst I wouldn’t say it is necessary per se, something like Oddschecker will help you out a lot here. The fact of the matter is that when you are staking such high amounts, it is imperative that you are getting the best possible returns to combat those potential losses.

In terms of the bets themselves, honestly, everything I have seen so far seems to be incredibly straight forward. It seems that Sam Green only advises straight win bets which is one of the things that do actually make using Football Rank 5* quite a bit easier, which is something.

When it comes to the odds that are involved, not surprisingly, there just isn’t a massive amount of value to be had when it comes to Football Rank 5*. Most of the bets that you will be backing have odds ranging from less than evens to 2/1. This is yet another reason why it is so important to get the most out of each winning bet.

Now, this only really leaves the strike rate to talk about, and that is one of the more difficult things to do. Because Sam Green doesn’t actually make any claims in terms of how often you will win with Football Rank 5*. Nor in fact is there any proofing that you can use to calculate such a figure either.  

How Does Football Rank 5* Work?

One of the biggest problems that I have when it comes to Football Rank 5* is that simply put, you receive almost no information on how the service works. In fact, pretty much everything seems to boil down to the fact that Sam Green is convinced that his ratings system is something unique. He even claims in the headlines for the service that it is “A 100% UNIQUE ⭐Ranking Method”. Except that… well, it isn’t.

The fact is that I’ve seen a number of services that utilise a very similar ratings system. This kind of thing just isn’t new. Nor is it necessarily something that I think that you can really build an entire tipster service around, and yet, that is exactly what Sam Green appears to have done with Football Rank 5*.

Honestly, it wouldn’t even necessarily be as bad if you were given information on what the selection process entailed, or why certain bets are ranked at more stars than others. Truth be told, other tipster services that are similar to Football Rank 5* that I’ve personally looked at before now have used a similar approach, but in this case, you don’t get anything.

Combine this lack of any information on what the selection process entails, or why bets are ranked how they are, with a lack of proofing and things don’t look good. The fact of the matter is that at this point, you are purely taking Sam Green’s word that everything is kosher and will work out for you. Something that I don’t typically recommend you do when it comes to a tipster service.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you wanted to sign up to Football Rank 5*, there is only one option that is actually available. This is a one time cost of £30 (plus VAT) for which you will receive selections for 12 months. On the surface of things, that doesn’t seem like a bad deal. The fact is that it just isn’t a lot to pay out when there are tipster stables asking £50 every 28 days.

I think this is especially applicable when you consider the fact that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is backed up by the fact that Football Rank 5* is being sold through Clickbank. Furthermore, I will credit Sam Green and say that this is all pretty well advertised in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining figure for Football Rank 5* is that starting with a £100 betting bank, you can turn this into £12,082.51 in 12 months. That is a massive return, presuming of course that this result can be delivered. A fact that I am not entirely convinced of, especially given the lack of evidence backing such a claim up.

Elsewhere, there are testimonials claiming that users have made profits of 105 points of profit over 3 months. Again, this is ultimately an unsubstantiated claim and is one that I would take with a pinch of salt.

Conclusion for Football Rank 5*

I’ll be straight down the line here. I can see the appeal behind Football Rank 5*. You just aren’t paying a whole lot of money for the service, and the results are seemingly very strong. However, the fact that the person who happens to be selling the service is one making the claims instantly makes all of this suspicious.

But what really matters here (at least in my opinion) is evidence, or more specifically, the lack thereof. Sam Green shows a solitary example of a betting slip that he says that he sent out. Outside of that, all of the claims that are made are fundamentally academic. There is potentially an argument that you could make for the testimonials but given how much doubt I find myself having about the rest of Football Rank 5*, I wouldn’t put too much stock in them.

The fact of the matter is that there is just a massive amount of information that is missing when it comes to Football Rank 5*. And what you do get, is incredibly lacking in terms of detail. Which is a shame really, because there is a lot that can quite easily be picked apart about the service.

For example, let’s just presume that everything is above board and kosher for one second. Something that Sam Green fails to address is the vast amount of risk that is involved with his unique staking plan. I mentioned it earlier, but you are potentially looking at 25 points per day. Sure, I don’t think that you are going to be staking that every day. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

But if you do stake that, and you lose your bet. It’s going to take a long time to recover at odds of 2/1. There is also the question of how often you can realistically expect to win. It is very much worth reiterating that there is no information on a strike rate. However, the implication is that this isn’t particularly high risk.

Now just maybe, I could get past this if there were information on the selection process. But there isn’t. And that for me is really where Football Rank 5* becomes so problematic. All of the important information just isn’t there. There is no proofing, there is no information on how Sam Green is actually able to find winning bets so frequently, and there is no evidence that this is profitable at all, let alone close to what is claimed.

And unfortunately, what I have seen of Football Rank 5* doesn’t suggest that the service will be in line with those claims either. And all of that is really why I just can’t see this being something that I would recommend. The truth is that about the best thing that I can say here is that Sam Green isn’t asking a lot of money for the service. But that simply isn’t good enough.

The fact that something doesn’t cost a lot doesn’t excuse it from being a bad tipster service. And unfortunately, from everything that I have seen relating to Football Rank 5*, that is exactly what you are getting. Yes, the idea is somewhat novel (although far from unique), but that isn’t nearly enough to overrule the huge number of clear negatives that exist here.


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