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Football Supremo is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by Richard Lambert. He claims that his service offers a different approach to betting that has provided some big profits.

Introduction to Football Supremo

I’ve been doing this for a long time. And in this long time, I’ve seen a lot of the same kinds of things come and go. There are definite trends. As such, when something comes along that explicitly claims to be different. Well, you can be assured that I’m interested. But one of the things that I’ve learnt in my time doing this is that just because something is interesting or different, that doesn’t necessarily translate to being good.

Which brings me to Football Supremo. Now I’ll be really straight here. Despite the claims that are made, what Richard Lambert is doing isn’t that different. When he says that “Football Supremo Offers A Different Approach”, I’d take that with a very large pinch of salt. Because I’ve seen the approach before from several other tipsters (employed with generally speaking disappointing results). Where this starts to catch your attention is combining this “different” approach with a very impressive looking profit.

In actual fact, Richard Lambert makes a number of claims about Football Supremo that I would say are impressive. But the operative word there is undoubtedly that these are just that. Claims. Now I’ll hold my hands up, in many respects, that is all that a tipster can work on. But in my experience, those that can deliver, also provide a lot of evidence. Something that is somewhat missing here. So, let’s get down to brass tacks and see if this is actually worthwhile.

What Does Football Supremo Offer?

Sometimes, I look at a new tipster service and I find it rather difficult to really know where to begin. I mean, where do you begin with something so wide ranging? In the case of Football Supremo though, Richard Lambert has made it very simple. Because in making so much of his sales approach about the betting strategy that he utilises, it’s hard not to start there.

So, let’s look at those bets. This “Different Approach”. Well, as seems to very much be the trend when it comes to football betting, it’s about accas. Now I will concede that Football Supremo isn’t your usual ridiculous 10 fold accumulator based service that seems to be all the rage. But we’re definitively in the same wheelhouse.

I’ll talk about this in greater detail a little later, but what Richard Lambert concerns himself with area those smaller accumulators. Specifically, you’re looking at mostly double and trebles, although Football Supremo will also pull out the odd bigger bet in the form of a 4 fold acca. But even that isn’t the whole picture.

Whilst the focus here is very clearly on those accumulators, Richard Lambert also talks a little bit about how he still feels that single bets have a place in his strategy. Although, we are also told that these aren’t just any old single bets. Instead, there is a focus on trying to “find outcomes with higher odds that still meet my selection criteria” (a very important statement that I’ll be returning to a little later.

In terms of the betting markets that you’ll generally be looking at, it definitely counts a positive in my eyes that Richard Lambert really does look to utilise multiple betting markets in order to find value for Football Supremo. His (admittedly quite limited) evidence shows bets backing a draw, bets looking at over/under markets, BTTS, and simply backing a team to win. There is a decent variation.

And this does have some effect on the overall odds. In something that is a bit of a rarity for football betting, Football Supremo seems to not just favour, but find those higher odds. Referring back to that evidence, Richard Lambert shows no bets that have won at odds of less than 3/1. That doesn’t sound impressive, but for football betting it’s a bloody good shout.

Whilst I’m on the topic of bets, I want to talk a out the volume. Because I don’t really believe that Richard Lambert is overly picky. This presents something of a dichotomy. On the one hand, you have a service that is clearly only picking bets that come with decent odds. On the other hand, you’re still looking at 26 bets in 4 weeks. Now that might only be about 6 bets per week, but each bet isn’t just one selection.

In terms of the logistical elements, everything here is pretty much what you would expect from a footballing tipster service. That is to say, selections are sent out directly via email, they are typically sent out towards the back end of the week (where there is more football), and rather disappointingly, they contain pretty minimal information.

Whilst there are ultimately elements of Football Supremo that really aren’t that different (despite the claims made), Richard Lambert’s staking plan actually is a little interesting. If you are betting on a single or double, we are told that you should be staking 2 points. If you’re betting on a treble or 4 fold, it’s one point. It’s straightforward, yes. But it also makes a certain kind of sense too.

What makes less sense to me is that Richard Lambert also says that you need just a 50 point bank. I can say with confidence that this really isn’t a massive amount at all. It really doesn’t take much to find yourself facing a potential drawdown of 15% of your betting bank in a single day. Which might be well and good if you weren’t dealing with accas.

You see, Richard Lambert claims that the strike rate for Football Supremo is a “consistent” 57%. That isn’t a number that even if it were true (which I don’t believe it necessarily is), you could expect to see being maintained. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody who bets on accumulators as frequently as you would with Football Supremo, who has gotten even close to this number.

How Does Football Supremo Work?

Between the utilisation of smaller accumulators and a clear focus on value based single bets, it is very apparent to me that Football Supremo is based (at least to some degree) around… Well, value. What is somewhat interesting about this however is that the odds have dropped a little compared to Richard Lambert’s published results.

 But in my eyes, those elements of how Football Supremo works are ultimately pretty redundant. Because it’s all well and good saying that you are going to focus on value or accumulators, but that doesn’t count for anything if you don’t have a solid approach to actually finding these bets. In theory, Richard Lambert has this. He does make explicit mention of a selection criteria.

Unfortunately, that criteria isn’t something that is ever built on. A hugely frustrating point in my opinion. At the end of the day, if I’m going to trust somebody to provide me with accas and (comparatively) high odds football bets, I want to know it isn’t just guesswork. With Football Supremo, there is just no real way of knowing where the selections are coming from.

It isn’t even like you get any real proofing with Football Supremo. Don’t get me wrong, Richard Lambert is very keen to show you the bets that he says has won. But it is a long way from comprehensive and effectively boils down to some arguably questionable screenshots of winning betting slips from a very small data sample. As such, I don’t put too much weight on this as a reasonable display of what you can expect from Football Supremo.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Football Supremo, there are two options available to you. The first of these is a 4 week “trial” membership. This is priced at £20 (plus VAT). Alternatively, Richard Lambert says that you can sign up for the full season for a cost of £50 (plus VAT). Of course, this option represents significantly better value, albeit at a somewhat increased outlay. 

Whichever option you choose to go for, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place (which is mentioned in the sales material, although somewhat only in passing). This is somewhat backed up by the fact that Richard Lambert is selling Football Supremo through Clickbank who are generally very good at enforcing this.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the area where Football Supremo is really quite interesting. Because the results that Richard Lambert claims for Football Supremo are unbelievable. Quite literally. We are told that in 4 weeks, there has been a profit produced of 85.34 points. That is an incredible amount. As is highlighted in the sales material, this is more than 21 points profit per week.

What is so impressive about that number is that this is roughly in the ballpark of what I’d expect from a decent tipster on a monthly basis. It is also noteworthy that there isn’t really a whole lot backing that claim up (outside of those “screenshots”). As such, I am rather inclined to consider this to be on the questionable side.

Conclusion for Football Supremo

There are a lot of things about Football Supremo that I find to be rather questionable. But by far and away, the most pressing in my mind is just how exactly Richard Lambert believes that he is doing anything here that is even close to “new”. Because everything that he does here I have seen done elsewhere. And I haven’t just seen it done elsewhere, I’ve seen it done by reputable and more genuine tipsters.

This brings me to what is, in my opinion, the single biggest problem when it comes to Football Supremo. And that is a lack of evidence and transparency. First things first, let’s talk about that selection process. Or should I say, the lack thereof. The fact of the matter is that betting on accumulators, no matter how small carries some risk.

The more outcomes you are reliant on, the less chance of all of those outcomes achieving the results that you need. It stands to reason. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do either. I’ve seen a good few accumulator based services in my time that have done well. Just never quite as suspiciously well as Football Supremo.

What I would have loved to have seen here was… Well, anything from Richard Lambert that makes his claims believable. The unfortunate fact remains though that it just isn’t there. And I know, I know, there are those betting slips. But I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve seen betting slips from the exact same bookmaker on other questionable services. Which suggests to me they’re easily faked. As such, they just can’t carry that much weight.

Here’s the thing. If you look at any genuine tipster, they are able to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject in one way or another. Whether that is simply talking at length about the subject, describing how they find selections, or providing a decent sample of proofing. There is always something. Football Supremo doesn’t really have any of that. And when you combine it with results that are too good to be true… Well, it’s too good to be true.

And the real shame of all of this is that in theory Football Supremo could work. I’ve criticised Richard Lambert for making out that his service is some unique creature. I stand by this. Because it categorically isn’t. But it is built on relatively sound principles that have worked elsewhere. This potential makes it all the more disappointing that I just don’t see any reason to recommend the service.

The fact is that there is a lot here that is incredibly suspect to me. I’ve been doing this a long time and I recognise those little red flags. The fact that the trial happens to last just as long as the money back guarantee isn’t a coincidence in my eyes. Nor are the results which managed to sound believable so long as you don’t look at them too hard. The same can be said for the strike rate. It all looks good, but it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Keeping all of that in mind, I just don’t believe that I can recommend Football Supremo. Honestly, I’d love to be proven wrong here. I’d love nothing more than for Richard Lambert to release proofing for his service, to come out and talk about his selection process. But I don’t believe that this will happen. What I think the mostly likely outcome here will be is that you will lose money in the long term, and after a few months, this will quietly be closed.


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