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Football Tipster Review

Football Tipster is a football tipping program provided by Phil Rushton. Tips are sent out each Friday and occasionally midweek.

What does the product offer?

Football Tipster provides its users with weekly tips that are selected from the team of tipsters by the creator, Phil Rushton. The tips are said to be easy to follow and come with a staking place. Football Tipster covers the English Premier League as well as European and International leagues and tournaments. The winning odds are claimed to range from 1/2 – 17/2. Phil Rushton claims that you can generate income by taking just 5 minutes out of your time each week.

How does the product work?

The tips themselves are generated by the team of “dedicated experienced” tipsters Football Tipster claims to have in place. Phil Rushton says that the tips generated are the result of “mind numbing long hours of research and analysis”. Most bets seem to be based around picking winners, and final scores (something that Phil Rushton has prior experience with in his other football site Football Betting Master).

What is the initial investment?

Football Tipster is available for £14.95 per month. There is also a “Platinum” plan that provides an annual subscription for £79 which works out that you are paying the equivalent of £6.58 per month. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Phil Rushton claims that Football Tipster has made £19,873.50 in the previous year. He also claims that the system has made as much as £4425 in a single month.


On paper Football Tipster doesn’t bring anything new to the table. What it does do is offer a very reasonable service for a very reasonable price. That having been said in order to get even close to their claimed profits the stakes are exceedingly high. For example £1000 was staked on a single game over 2 bets earlier this year. A much more realistic profit would be based on £1 stakes (rather than the £10 stakes that Football Tipster use). This brings the profits down to a more believable £1987.35 which is still respectable. It would have been nice if the staking details were clearer as Football Tipster claim that the £19,873.50 was made with £10 stakes, what they fail to mention is the 50 point bets. Overall Football Tipster doesn’t seem to be the worst tipping service and if you opt to splash out on an annual subscription it has the potential to be a reasonable earner for “on the side”.



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From: Simon Roberts