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Football Trading Secrets Review

Football Trading Secrets is a website operated by Chris Williams that he uses to market and sell his various football systems.

What does the product offer?

Chris Williams doesn’t just host one football betting service on Football Trading Secrets, but seven, as well as hosting a horse racing betting system too. All the services that Football Trading Secrets offers are trading so a Betfair account is required although the methodology does differ from method to method. All of Chris Williams betting systems are explained via videos which range from 10 to 60 minutes. The amount of time that you spend at your computer does differ from method to method.

How does the product work?

Chris Williams has previously had experience in a lay betting service for greyhound racing before turning his hand to football. Each method has its own approach with some being easier and less complicated than others. For example, Football Trading Secret – Method 4 involves following a game for a maximum of 37 minutes and placing back and lay bets when certain criteria are met where Football Trading Secrets – Method 5 involves playing back bets before kick-off and that is all.

What is the initial investment?

Chris Williams typically charges £15 for each of the methods shown on Football Trading Secrets with the exception of Chris Williams horse racing method which is available for £10. There are no money back guarantees available for any Football Trading Secrets systems.

What is the rate of return?

The typical rate of return on Football Trading Secrets methods are 10-15% although this is different in Football Trading Secrets – Method 5 where the ROI drops to 7-10%.


Chris Williams seems to understand football trading rather well and the number of systems that he has on offer reflects this. What I particularly like about Football Trading Secrets is that none of the methods that are contained are overly expensive. Having seen betting systems sell for over £100, paying £15 a go is very reasonable. Arguably the biggest negative of Football Trading Secrets is that the profits aren’t massive when compared to some other systems or profits but I will hold my hands up and say that unlike some I have seen, I don’t really doubt what Chris Williams claims.



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