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Football Winner is a brand new sports betting tipster service and the latest release from relatively well known tipster Steve Hudson. As the name of the service suggests, it is based around football betting.

Introduction to Football Winner

There is no denying the fact that Steve Hudson really knows how to sell a product. There is a headline that refers to a football expert revealing a secret method, as well as a potential 5 figure income. This is certainly enough to immediately grab my attention (even if I am somewhat sceptical).

There are also references in the header for Football Winner to making effortless profits, requiring just 15 minutes per week, and the fact that it will supposedly work for anyone. These are some genuinely phenomenal claims and if Steve Hudson can deliver on them, then there is no doubting that Football Winner will be a must have service.

The thing with marketing is that it is ultimately designed to sell a product. As such, there can be some huge differences between the claims and the results, but does this apply to Football Winner? Let’s have a look and find out.

What Does Football Winner Offer?

Football Winner is a football tipster service and as such, it inevitably has an impact on the logistics of the service Whilst the majority of the bets that are advised are for English football (and International games when they are on), a variety of leagues are covered.

This means that Football Winner is a year round service, something which isn’t always the case with football tipster services. In terms of what you can expect, Steve Hudson sends out selections directly to subscribers via email every Friday morning. This email will cover selections for the weekend and occasionally, the same day they are issued.

Moving on to the bets themselves, Steve Hudson refers to all of his bets as being win bets and technically, I suppose that this is the case. Football Winner does however include doubles and on the odd occasion trebles as well (all of which are for a team to win).

Moving on to the odds, it is very difficult to get real value with straight win bets on football. As such, you will generally be betting on quite low odds. In terms of the volume of bets, Steve Hudson rarely seems to tip more than 7 or 8 bets over a given weekend. This is probably a good thing in the grand scheme of things.

This leads me immediately into the staking plan that is in place for Football Winner. Steve Hudson advises subscribers of how much they should be betting on a given game. Specifically, there are two sets of stakes. All bets are either 2.5 points or 5 points on a given bet.

Returning to the thread I just left, this can mean that over the course of a weekend you could potentially be staking 40 points. With a recommended betting bank of 100 points, this does open the possibility of getting caught a little short.

Now, because of the lower odds, you would expect a decent strike rate to be in place for Football Winner and according to Steve Hudson, he doesn’t half deliver. With 104 winning bets out of 166 tips, this amounts to an incredible strike rate of 63%. This is well above and beyond what I was expecting to be honest and is backed up by the proofing for Football Winner.

How Does Football Winner Work?

There are a few different considerations when talking about how Football Winner works. First things first, there is the betting markets involved. A lot of football tipsters I know of prefer to avoid betting on win markets as there is very limited value to be had here.

Steve Hudson however says that this is market where the bookies are least profitable, and as such, they are the best markets to bet on. This is definitely one way of looking at things and to be fair, there is definitely a reasonable argument to be had here that Football Winner has a sound foundation.

In terms of the selection process for Football Winner, there is little in the way of information available which is disappointing.

Steve Hudson talks about his experience as a bettor, but this is of little merit to me if I’m honest. What I will say is that there are very few bets that I wouldn’t consider to be common sense. For example, Dortmund to beat Mainz, Arsenal to bear Bournemouth and a double on City beating West Ham whilst Everton beat Cardiff (all winning bets).

What is the Initial Investment?

Steve Hudson provides two very different subscriptions if you want to sing up to Football Winner. The first of these is a typical monthly tipster service and is priced vey competitively in my book, at just £14.95 per month.

This definitely makes it one of the cheaper services I have seen for some time. Football Winner is also available on an annual subscription which is priced at £67. This is claimed to be a substantial reduction on a supposed actual value of £179.40.

Payment for both of these options is handled via Clickbank which means that should you find you aren’t happy with Football Winner, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Football Winner is sold off the back of an overall profit of £21,077 having been earned between May and November. This sounds hugely impressive, however this is based off £100 per point. What his actually means is 210.77 points of profit. This is still a decent looking number for a period of 7 months though. Looking at the proofing provided by Steve Hudson, the ROI works out at 26.6% which is again, a very strong number.

Conclusion on Football Winner

Steve Hudson has put out a number of different sports betting tipster services over the last few years, so much so that even the template for the sales page is immediately obvious to me. The websites are always well constructed and the inclusion of full proofing is always a welcome thing, however there are a few questions that I think should be raised, especially given the apparent lack of answers.

So, I will admit that historically, Steve Hudson has performed well, especially when services are new.

Historically, I have looked at this and deemed the products to be successful. Reviewing Football Winner however and researching some people’s longer  term experiences, I am less inclined to put so much stock in these initial results. In fact, I have seen a number of criticisms levelled at these services over time which for my money, definitely constitutes a concerning trend.

The reason I am inclined to put stock in these trends are numerous. One of the main examples that I haven’t particularly paid attention to before now is the full proofing for Football Winner, which actually hasn’t updated since the service launched. This is rather concerning to me, and whilst there are a number of possible reasons for this, I just don’t see why any professional tipster wouldn’t want to update their proofing.

When I look at all of these things together, there is a rather worrying trend which emerges in my book.

Whilst I can appreciate that there are positives to be had with Football Winner, mostly I feel that this boils down to the fact that it is inexpensive. There is an argument to be made for the profit potential, however this would have to be steeped in belief that the service can deliver on said profits. In the long term, I am not convinced that this will necessarily be the case.

With all of this in mind, I am going to give what credit I can to Football Winner and say that it represents a risky option in my opinion. I am always willing to admit that I could be wrong, and if I am, then there is clear value or money to be had here.

For my money though, there is a fair enough amount of evidence to suggest that this may not turn out to be everything that it initially claims to be.




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