Footy Better Extra Review

Footy Better Extra is a new premium sports betting tipster service from the Footy Better team that claims to offer low risk selections to users.

What does the product offer?

It has been a while since I first looked at Footy Better at which point I decided that it was a decent enough looking free service however I did also say that the service was in its infancy. Fast forward to now and the Footy Better team have just released Footy Better Extra, a premium tipster service that builds upon the work that the free tips have laid down.

Footy Better Extra is a slightly selective example with no month producing more than 30 selections and most not even getting close to this. It would appear that the bets themselves cover a huge variety of leagues and cup competitions with Footy Better looking at things like the Belarusian League.

In terms of the numbers, there is unfortunately no real staking plan made available however there is information on the strike rate.

Whilst it isn’t proofed, Footy Better Extra has supposedly achieved an average of 80%, a phenomenally high figure.

How does the product work?

The team behind Footy Better Extra don’t really divulge what their selection process really involves. What is clear however from browsing the site however (as I surmised last time), is that whoever is ultimately behind Footy Better is clearly knowledgeable about football.

The blogs are very in depth and the analysis is generally spot on which backs this theory up. Unfortunately, this is about all that we can take away from Footy Better Extra with no real information available.

What is the initial investment?

There are currently two options if you wish to sign up for Footy Better Extra which are a monthly subscription and a one off payment which will buy you access for the full year. These are billed at £12 per month and £67 respectively.

Rather unusually for a tipster service, both offerings come with a full 60 day money back guarantee (as it is sold through Clickbank) should you find that Footy Better Extra isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

Rather oddly for a tipster service, there is no claimed rate of return for Footy Better Extra. Based off the results however, it would appear to me that profiting from the service shouldn’t be too difficult a thing.


Footy Better Extra is inexpensive and their track record is generally very good. What I particularly like about Footy Better Extra however is that you can give them a pretty much unlimited trial as the Extra is simply an extension of the main Footy Better service.

If you have been looking to get into football betting and have perhaps been looking for a door to open, then Footy Better may very well be that door. This doesn’t mean that I think that Footy Better is perfect.

From what I have seen, there a fair amount that could be better, but the core product that is on sale here, which are the tips, are a pretty solid affair.


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From: Simon Roberts