Footy Better’s World Cup Tips Review

Footy Better’s World Cup Tips is a sports betting tipster service which is focussed on the Russian World Cup. As the name clearly suggests, it is operated by the Footy Better team.

I have looked at so much crap relating to the World Cup that in many ways it is exhausting. I haven’t seen so many Clickbank vendors come out of the woodwork with miraculous contacts and top secret betting systems which are supposedly guaranteed wins. There have however been one or two services offered through genuine sources and Footy Better’s World Cup Tips is very much one of them.

The fact of the matter is this. The Footy Better team have a strong track record when it comes to football betting from around the world. With this in mind, I can see no reason why their World Cup selections wouldn’t be some of the best examples. With this in mind, let’s have a look at Footy Better’s World Cup Tips and more importantly, whether it is any good or not.

What Does Footy Better’s World Cup Tips Offer?

I am rather excited about Footy Better’s World Cup Tips for a number of reasons. One of the main ones however is that what the Footy Better team want to do is in many ways unprecedented. They say that they want to tip “every single game of the tournament – from the Opening Rounds to the Final”. This means a highly ambitious (and slightly eye watering) 64 bets over the course of the next month or so.

These will be in a variety of different betting markets with Footy Better’s World Cup Tips historically aiming to find profit and value in all matches.

In terms of the logistics, Footy Better’s World Cup Tips operates very much how you would expect it to. Once the World Cup kicks off you will be sent tips on a daily basis. These are issued directly via email and contain everything that you need to place the bet.

Historically, Footy Better try to explain why a selection has been chosen. I can see no reason why this practice wouldn’t continue for Footy Better’s World Cup Tips however it is early days and I wouldn’t want to say that this will definitely happen.

Staking for Footy Better’s World Cup Tips should be a level affair with 1 point likely being recommended on each bet. The Footy Better team have historically favoured this approach and I don’t see why the World Cup should change this. Again, based off historic results, a large betting bank is unlikely to be required which makes Footy Better’s World Cup Tips very accessible for those who are simply looking to bet over the course of the tournament.

Footy Better’s Extra service has typically maintained a very high strike rate. 2016 had a strike rate of 81%, 2017 a strike rate of 82% and 2018 currently tracking at a strike rate of 70% (according to the claimed results). These numbers seem high and any cynicism would typically be very justified. In the case of Footy Better’s World Cup Tips however, I don’t really doubt them.

How Does Footy Better’s World Cup Tips Work?

Unfortunately there are no specifics provided in terms of how selections are made. This is somewhat disappointing but I can offer some insight here. The Footy Better team clearly know their stuff and if you look at the main website, this becomes very clear. This includes a penchant for betting on some of the more obscure National leagues, something which I believe can genuinely make a difference when it comes to covering a large international tournament.

What is the Initial Investment?

Footy Better are asking a one time fee of £25 in order to receive their selections for Footy Better’s World Cup Tips. Alternatively, you can sign up to Footy Better’s Complete Tips Package at a cost of £27 per month or £197 per year (it is also worth pointing out that if you are already a subscriber to this, then you will receive Footy Better’s World Cup Tips automatically). This gives you access to multiple football tipster services and betting systems as well as Footy Better’s World Cup Tips.

Payment for all options is handled through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

It goes without saying that I cannot reasonably predict how much money Footy Better’s World Cup Tips will make you over the course of the World Cup. Footy Better also make no kind of claim, nor do they provide historic results for Euro 2016 or Brazil 2014. This makes putting the ultimate question behind Footy Better’s World Cup Tips into context.

I do however believe that there is a stronger chance of making money by following Footy Better than there is a lot of comparable tipster services I have looked at recently.


One of the things that has been difficult in the run up to the World Cup for me has been trying to figure out which tipster services have the ability to perform. Sometimes, this is much easier than others. For example, I still remain hugely unconvinced by a tipster who claimed to have an in with a fixed Russian Government Agent. Especially when you factor in the fact that the video footage of said tipster used a Christmas Broadcast from Putin.

But for everything that is ridiculously absurd, there are bound to be some very genuine products. These are the parts that are difficult to judge. One that isn’t however, at least in my opinion, is Footy Better’s World Cup Tips. I know the brand and I know the services that have come before and there is a strong history of providing results. This is very important to keep in mind because consistency is key when service providers like Footy Better break away from their mould.

So what we can ascertain about Footy Better’s World Cup Tips is that it is inexpensive (less than £0.40 per game) and that it is coming from a pedigree service. These are both strong positives and honestly, there aren’t really many negatives that I can see with Footy Better’s World Cup Tips. Not without getting particular. Arguably the biggest criticism is the lack of proofing but to be honest, Footy Better have been around for long enough that I don’t see this as being a particular point for concern.

For my money, Footy Better’s World Cup Tips is one of the better options available to those who are looking for a tipster over the world cup. Football betting is the bread and butter of Footy Better. I mean, it is right there in the name. This for me is what ultimately seals the deal as this being one of the better options for the World Cup. I know for a fact that the team behind the service eat, sleep and breathe football and ultimately, this should provide more of an edge than trying to back outsiders and find value where there is none.


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