Footy Doubles Review

Footy Doubles is a sports betting tipster service which is offered through the Betting Gods team. As the name of the service suggests, it uses a single bet type in order to generate profit through football betting.

What does the product offer?

Betting Gods refer to Footy Doubles as “your leading football tipster for accumulator bets”. Usually I don’t pay much mind to this kind of claim. It is often pretty unsubstantiated and all too often, services end up falling flat on their face. In the case of Footy Doubles however, I am somewhat inclined to believe this (for reasons that will become apparent over the course of this review). With that in mind, I am quite excited to delve into Footy Doubles and see whether or not it can deliver.

First things first, this is a Betting Gods product. This might not mean a lot to most people but I have watched the enterprise grow from a few tipsters to one of the most reputable stables online. This is a strong positive for me as I happen to know that Darren (who runs Betting Gods) doesn’t push his services unless they are genuine. This is a big part of justifying my excitement about Footy Doubles.

So what exactly are you getting with Footy Doubles? Logistically, it operates as those who are familiar with football betting would expect. By this I mean that even though the number of selections will average out at around one per day, the reality is that you might see 3 or 4 in one go and then nothing for several days. Whenever there are selections available to Footy Doubles subscribers, these will be issued via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Betting Gods website.

Moving on to the bets themselves, they are all football and they are all doubles, exactly as Footy Doubles says in the name. The scope of these however is quite impressive. Ranging from the Icelandic leagues to Argentina, you will not just be placing bets on game from all over the world, but also placing a variety of doubles. This ranges from simply betting on the winner to various different goals markets.

With this out of the way, it only really leaves the numbers side of things to look at. The staking plan is eclectic at best, generally staking between 3 and 6 points per bet. I would find this problematic with a higher volume service however given that Footy Doubles only averages one bet per day, I don’t think that this is too big an ask.

Finally there is the strike rate. This was one area in which Footy Doubles really stood out for me. According to the Betting Gods’s proofing and results, 48.21% of bets end up as winners. This would be a fine statistic for a straightforward win based service but factor in that you are betting on doubles and it becomes substantially more impressive.

How does the product work?

As is often the case when it comes to products from the Betting Gods team, there is unfortunately very little information made available about what the selection process for Footy Doubles entails. All that we are really told is that Chris (the tipster behind Footy Doubles) has been betting on football for over two decades. Once again, I have to acknowledge that given this is a Betting Gods product and the way Darren conducts his business, I have little reason to doubt this.

What is the initial investment?

There are three options if you want to sign up for Footy Doubles. These are a monthly, quarterly and a one off payment. These are priced at £39.95 per month, £99.95 per quarter or for the best value, you can sign up for the lifetime of Footy Doubles for a one time payment of £479.95. All three of these options will bill you just £1 for your first 30 days of selections to trial the service. After this has elapsed there are a further 30 days in which to claim a full refund.

Because the Betting Gods team sell their products through Clickbank, you will have no trouble getting these costs back should you find that Footy Doubles isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

Since it began proofing with the Betting Gods in March 2017, Footy Doubles has produced a profit of £925.38 to £10 stakes. This amounts to 92.5 points of profit in 8 months. What this means in real terms is that your average monthly profit would be £115.68. It also represents a solid ROI of 12.11%. This isn’t necessarily a significant amount of profit compared to some tipsters however I feel that to look at Footy Doubles purely in this light is to miss the point of the service.


I would be lying if I said that Footy Doubles is fantastically profitable. It isn’t really. But it is a profit and I am always saying that ultimately this is the bottom line. The bigger question that hangs over Footy Doubles for me is whether or not it is really any good? This is a bit of a loaded question as I feel that to the right kind of person, there is some fantastic value to be had in Footy Doubles. For others, it simply won’t perform well enough.

If your judgement of success is purely profit and how much you can make, then it makes sense that you might not necessarily judge Footy Doubles in the best light. There are certainly bigger winners that you could add to your betting portfolio if you were looking for a football tipster. You might pay a little more for them than Footy Doubles and you may have to put in a little bit more work but to a serious bettor, these are not huge issues.

Where I think Footy Doubles thrives and is well suited is to those who are looking for a betting companion that will make football more exciting. Really, I see this as being for the enthusiast of the sport who is looking to make a few extra quid each month rather than serious bettors. The approach of betting doubles means that games are exciting and the wins when they come are always enough to thrill a bit. More importantly, the strike rate of 48.21% means that you don’t have to wait long for a win.

This really highlights where the key appeal of Footy Doubles lies and to those kind of users, I can’t think of a better service to recommend. If you are more serious minded about your betting portfolio however, I think that Footy Doubles won’t deliver enough. Truthfully, I think that this is a decent little service however and with 8 months of results showing strong positives, I would call Footy Doubles a winner.



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