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Forever Living Review MLM

Forever Living is a multi level marketing company founded by Rex G. Maughan. They specialise in providing aloe vera based drinks as well as other lifestyle products.

The Company

Forever Living was founded in 1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona by Rex G. Maughan. Since then the company has grown to become a massive business with a turnover of over $2.5 billion (in 2010). Operating in countries across the globe Forever Living is not quite in the same league as Avon and the other “big hitters” but it is a business that has showed steady growth financially, in terms of membership and the product lines.

The Product

Forever Living has a variety of products but the core of these are based around Aloe products from juice to creams, as well as a number of additional products including spring waters and products derived from honey and royal jelly. All of these are marketed as being good for you with a basis in being “proven”.

How to Apply

Applying to become a Forever Living agent is handled online by sending an email to be contacted. Funnily enough from here the application process is rather glossed over with no mention of start-up costs. Interestingly however there is a note that a minimum order is £50.

Earning Potential

This is advertised as being potentially unlimited but I am not entirely sold on this. In fact, from most of what I have seen of Forever Living you would probably struggle to really get a UK based operation up and running due to the somewhat “snake doctor” approach towards the products.


Multi Level Marketing is a competitive field and there has to be a genuine call for the products that you are selling in order to make a profitable venture. As I have mentioned, the products sold through Forever Living are claimed to have proven health benefits but this is a rather dubious claim that isn’t really backed up. This combined with the fact that the Forever brand isn’t exactly well known leads me to believe that this will ultimately be a very hard sell.



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From: Simon Roberts