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Forex 5000 Dollars Robot Review

Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is a Forex automated trading robot created by Rita Lasker. It claims to use a number of proprietary algorithms and systems.

What does the product offer?

Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is a downloadable Forex trading bot that creator Rita Lasker claims is fully automated and proven very profitable. The software uses Meta Trader 4 and is apparently compatible with any Forex broker. In terms of features of the software, much of the hype surrounding Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is standard fare with the only really interesting thing being the proprietary “Stealth Stop Loss” system.

How does the product work?

Rita Lasker says that Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is able to analyse the market with astonishing accuracy (although there is very little information on how exactly it does that). There is also the aforementioned “Stealth Stop Loss” that is allegedly hidden from brokers and automatically updates itself and alters depending on the condition of any current trades. Again, there is nothing about how Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is able to achieve this.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Rita Lasker is offering a 50% discount that brings Forex 5000 Dollars Robot down from $99 to just $49. This is a one off payment and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

As is implied in the name of the product, Forex 5000 Dollars Robot is allegedly able to generate $5000 per month, every month. Rita Lasker also shows evidence of a month where she was able to break $8000.


I have seen Rita Lasker’s Forex products before and I remain unconvinced. The term hot air seems easily applicable and despite the claimed mountains of evidence for the success of Forex 5000 Dollars Robot, in reality very little of it is tangible and could reasonably have come from anywhere. My biggest concern lies in the lack of information about how the product works.

Given the amount of time dedicated to talking about the Forex 5000 Dollars Robot team I would expect at least some insight into this but sadly, it is lacking.



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From: Simon Roberts