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Forex Abode Review

Forex Abode is a free to access website that covers all aspects of Forex trading.

What does the product offer?

What doesn’t Forex Abode offer? If it is related to Forex then there is a high chance that somewhere on Forex Abode there is information available on it. The site is massive and every page has something interesting to read. There are fundamentals of trading, information and predictions on currency pairs right through to the psychology of trading. Forex Abode also covers the kinds of things you would expect from this kind of service with blogs, forums and even indicators.

How does the product work?

At the core of Forex Abode is education. The website offers more than enough information that a budding trader could spend a bit of time on Forex Abode and walk away confident that they know how to proceed with their training. Perhaps the most interesting aspects though are the predictions for currency pairs. Forex Abode show a number of examples where they aren’t just close to figuring out but actually hit the exact figures.

What is the initial investment?

The best part of Forex Abode is that it is entirely free to access. For the information that is available this is remarkable since the quality of work information is easily comparable with a pay site.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of Forex Abode it is difficult to put a dollar value on the information. The results should be expected to be quantitative rather than qualitative. That having been said because of the sheer volume of information available it seems reasonable to say that most traders will be able to take away something to improve their trading and by proxy, profits.


There isn’t really a bad thing to say about Forex Abode. I have looked at sites like this before dealing with Forex trading but the fact is that Forex Abode raises the bar to an exceptional level. There is so much information you can easily lose a day to the content and all of it looks to be poignant and most importantly relevant.

Forex Abode is a rare thing in that it is difficult to write about for all the right reasons. It really is the complete package and the only thing left that I can really say is that this is a website that absolutely deserves your time.



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From: Simon Roberts