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The Fortune Files is a new product which is currently being marketed by Streetwise Publications. It comes courtesy of Michael White and is supposedly able to produce quite a substantial profit.

Introduction to Fortune Files 

I make no effort to hide that I love the way that Streetwise Publications market their products. Headlines read “100% LEGAL” in a bright yellow starburst. “COMPLETELY FREE TRIAL!”. “These “Payoff Passwords” Siphon >>>£938 A Week<<< From Fat Cat Corporations”. Honestly, it’s like looking at a pop up advert come to life.

It also, as I’m sure the astute of you may have noticed by now. Doesn’t actually tell us anything about what you get. This is a recurring theme here.

This doesn’t stop here though.

fortune-files-review-streetwiseThe whole sales material for The Fortune Files is… Well, it’s interesting. Michael White makes a lot of talk about Fat Cat Corporations, comparing the payments that you receive to being like legal bribes, and honestly, just a general tone of conspiracy.

Of course, I don’t buy into that aspect of The Fortune Files at all. It is however a very clever way of making what you offer sound like something truly special. And to be fair to Michael White, if The Fortune Files can deliver on what it claims, then it may well be.

What Does The Fortune Files Offer?

I am always incredibly wary when it comes to something from Streetwise Publications in which they outright refuse to talk about what is on offer.

In the case of The Fortune Files, we are expected to believe that Michael White has discovered a way to “receive cheques in the mail after a week of doing absolutely nothing”.

Furthermore, he says, you are taking money from “fat and faceless corporations” entirely legally, so The Fortune Files is ethical too! I mean, what am I even doing here writing about this when I should be on my way to much sunnier climes?!

 The truth is that like a lot of products from Streetwise Publications, there is a huge juxtaposition between what you are getting and what you are sold. In the case of The Fortune Files, it appears that you are actually getting is essentially a series of interlinked money making opportunities which are spaced out over 10 months.

Michael White says that each month you will receive a new “Payoff Password”, as well as information on how to source  these “passwords” yourself. That is seemingly all that there is to The Fortune Files. I am of course hugely sceptical.

It is rather unfortunate that Michael White cannot simply be a little bit more upfront about what you are actually getting, although the thought occurs that The Fortune Files wouldn’t sell nearly as well.

Really, this is very typical Streetwise Publications marketing with wildly unsubstantiated claims about the corporations being part of an exclusive “filthy-rich club where they give each other £20,000 bundles as ‘thank you’ gifts!”. Michael White isn’t joking!! The truth of the matter is that from what I have seen so far, The Fortune Files isn’t delivering anything that is truly new, despite the best efforts to market it. That way.

How Does The Fortune Files Work?

So, how does Michael White actually make his money (apart from selling things like The Fortune Files that is…)? Supposedly, everything centres on “a kind of ‘shadow’ bank” where certain corporations have special accounts.

The Fortune Files shows you how to “legally get access to any of those accounts” using Payoff Passwords. From there, you get information on “certain schemes” that these corporations are using accounts for, and report the schemes to certain people. Makes sense? Great, me either.

Without wanting to give too much away, as is so often the case with products from Streetwise Publications and other similar publications, what you are doing here is positioning yourself almost as an intermediary. I’ve seen more than my fair share of products like this and the approach is almost always fundamentally the same.

There is something of a numbers based approach to this and the idea that you don’t have to do anything is a long way from the truth. In fact, setting up something like The Fortune Files can prove to be quite a lot of work.  

What is the Initial Investment?

So, there is a lot that you will potentially be paying out through The Fortune Files. Your first month is priced at £29.95 (plus VAT). All of the remaining months are priced at the same as well which means that over the course of following The Fortune Files, you will ultimately end up paying £299.50 which is quire a lot of money.

Now, there is also another factor to this which is actually a potentially much wider problem. Supposedly, Michael White says that one of the terms of signing up to The Fortune Files is that you have to send him 10% of your earnings. Now, this could be a marketing ploy, and I suspect that it may be, but you should ensure that you factor this in as well.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Michael White claims that he personally makes £938 per week, and that is just from one account. Given that there are 10 of these across The Fortune Files, this means that you will hypothetically be making £9,380 per week or almost £40,000 per month.

Of course, you would have to factor in that you would be giving Michael White 10% of that bringing your actual profit down to a hypothetical £36,000 per month. That is a huge amount of money, however it should be absolutely noted that at no point are you given any real evidence that The Fortune Files is genuinely capable of generating these results.

Conclusion on Fortune Files 

There is a rather clever knack to most Streetwise Publication products in which they can typically be demonstrated that they work to some degree (usually a quite hypothetical one if I’m honest), however they will not necessarily work for everybody. It is a near perfect model that allows them to make claims without overly substantiating them and sell their products freely.

I cant help but feel like this applies to The Fortune Files as well. Could it work? The very short answer is yes, if could work. Will it work? I am much less inclined to believe that it will work for most people.

This is only a small aspect of the problem though. One of the biggest disconnects in my opinion is what you are signing up for based off the sales material for The Fortune Files and what you are actually getting. It is like comparing a Pomeranian to a wild Wolf. This is a massive problem and, in my opinion,, is enough to put me off on its own.

More than this though, there is another element at play here and that is the idea of value for money. If Michael White were to outright as £300 for The Fortune Files, it seems unlikely that most people would be happy or willing to pay this. By making it £30 per month, it sounds like a lot less because you are spreading out payments.

The problem that I have though is that I don’t see The Fortune Files being worth either figure. Sure, it is a reasonably interesting concept as a way of making money, but so is metal detecting and you don’t see me roving muddy fields listening for a beep.

So with all of this in mind, the fact that The Fortune Files is expensive is ultimately secondary to the fact that I am not convinced you will do particularly well off the service. If I were really cynical, I would say that Michael White is banking on a select number of people actually turning a profit in order to claim his 10%. I don’t think that is the case though if I’m honest.

What I do think is that The Fortune Files is a questionable product which works on paper. In practice, I think you are paying quite a lot of money ultimately for something that doesn’t deliver what it claims, and that is the bottom line.


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I have just received my first installment of The Fortune Files. It asks me to register via The fortune, however, when
I fill in my details and press enter, I get a message saying it cannot find the website, it says it is not secure! I have added it to my secure sites in Internet Option. But it still does not work. This is not a very encouraging start! Please advise.

I have the same and there are no contact details provided anywhere – the first lesson explains nothing about what it is so you have to stay longer than the free month trial to find out what it even is!

To Stuart
Me too !
Can’t register if I can’t access the site, which incidentally is showing as ” “.
Who are they ?
I’m cancelling my subscription.

Pete W

If any of their fortune-making plans worked, how could they ever find any employees to stay?

Hi Stuart im having the same problem cant redg in same as you ,I cant find out why it does not work…..

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