Four From the Top Review

Four From the Top is a service which is being offered through the Value Rater stable of tipsters. It claims to  be able to make massive profits for subscribers when bets come in.

Introduction to Four From the Top

I am always on the look out for something new and whilst the concepts behind Four From the Top are not entirely new to me (I have seen them in action before now), it is still an exciting premise. With this familiarity, I can say that when Value Rater talk about “the bet that gives Punters dreams and Bookmakers nightmares”, I know that they are not lying.

Whilst it isn’t ever quite this black and white (when is it ever?), there are some solid underpinnings to Four From the Top. Double this up with somebody who genuinely knows what they are looking for when they make selections and you are looking at a lot of potential money (and with a reasonable name like Value Rater behind the service, this should be case). With this in mind, let’s take a look at Four From the Top.

What Does Four From the Top Offer?

The first thing that needs to be addressed about Four From the Top is that this is not a typical tipster service. Those who are looking that they can follow day to day will only find themselves disappointed. First of all, Value Rater only send out tips for four days of the week (the number four will crop up a lot over this review). In line with what you would expect, these are issued directly to subscribers via email. Rather fortunately, the quality of email from Value Rater is rather decent.

Now, onto the bets themselves. Selections are issued four days per week, and each day has a further four selections. These are a combination of win and each way bets of varying odds. Each should be backed as advised however all the bets should be combined into a Lucky 15 bet as well. I will cover this in detail below, however I should mention that this can start to get expensive.

There are a fair number of bets involved with Four From the Top and as such, the stakes can get high solely on the back of the volume of bets. Al win bets are proofed to just 1 point, whilst the each way bets are proofed to 1 point each way. The Lucky 15 bets are not proofed, however if you were to stake these to 1 point on each effective bet, you would be looking at potentially 23 points bet in a given day.

In terms of the strike rate, there is no published figure unfortunately. Truth be told however, I do not see this as being critical to understanding Four From the Top as a service. There is proofing available and you could probably calculate this figure if you were so inclined but it would be unlikely to be much higher than around 20-25%. The fact of the matter is that this isn’t what Four From the Top is about as a service and Value Rater clearly recognise this.

How Does Four From the Top Work?

We are not privy to the selection process for Four From the Top which I will not deny is frustrating. I have always maintained that consumers should be able to make an informed decision and with no insight whatsoever to this, we cannot ever properly make this. That having been said, the core idea behind Four From the Top is simple and Value Rater put it as succinctly as I ever could by saying the following:

“ It builds steady and significant profits by backing 4 single bets each Wednesday to Saturday which members use to build their betting banks. We bet four singles for the long term profit builder and then play those 4 in a lucky 15 with one aim – to break the bank.”.

Put bluntly, your day to day winnings bring you profits in the long term and every now and then you have a big win, and they can be huge.

What is the Initial Investment?

Value Rater offer three different subscription packages for Four From the Top. The first option is a weekly membership which is none recurring and costs £15 per week. This is best seen as a trial service in my opinion however it will also suit those who are looking for weekend entertainment.

The next option is a monthly subscription at a cost of £45 and finally, there is quarterly access which represents the best value at £89.99. There is no money back guarantee in place for any of these however this is the case for most tipster services.

What is the Rate of Return?

The proofing for Four From the Top shows a profit of 176.27 points at the time of writing. This is based off 1 point per win and 2 points each way. These results have been attained over approximately 14 months, however this is a long way from the bigger picture. There has been just one Lucky 15 bet which has come in over this period however using a Lucky 15 calculator this would have produced some massive results.

If you were to bet 1.5 points on the whole thing (0.1 points per bet) the profit would stand at 956 points from one bet. If you were really bold and bet 1 point on each be in the Lucky 15, this would be 9560 points (although this is not a sustainable number).

Conclusion on Four From the Top?

The core concept behind Four From the Top is not new to me and I would even go as far as to say I quite like the approach for a bit of fun (with a considered staking plan). In the case of Four From the Top I would even go as far as to say that I am mildly impressed with the results.

There are two key factors here. One is that the service has made money before any of the big bets have come in. Admittedly, not a fortune, but enough to reasonably cover subscription costs and then some. Factor in the Lucky 15 that landed last year and even the doubles and occasional triples that come with Four From the Top and these profits only go one way.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Four From the Top is flawless. In fact, as much as I like the concept, if I put on my purely mathematical head there is a lot about the approach that just doesn’t work.

The fact is that whilst the single bets have made money, these do not take into account the stakes placed on backing Lucky 15 bets. The other thing is that whilst I don’t doubt Value Rater when they say that some of their customers took almost £15,000 of the big winner, this might happen once a year.

If you are lucky. The fact is that as a high returning investment, Four From the Top is fraught with risk.

All of this makes it difficult to judge. I believe that if you are looking for anything resembling a consistent and steady income then there are definitely better examples than Four From the Top out there. This isn’t the point however and I believe that those to whom this will appeal are those who almost prefer to gamble. This means long periods of waiting for a big win, but when it comes in it will be very big. If this suits you, then you can do worse than Four From the Top.

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