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Freddie the Flat Review

Freddie the Flat is a horse racing tipster service that is allegedly operated by Fred Barnes that puts a focus on flat horse racing however there are questions surrounding this.

What does the product offer?

According to the very little information that is available, Freddie the Flat is a service that offers users free selections on a trial basis whilst the service is getting set up. Freddie the Flat is marketed by one Jon Owens of Equine Investment Management, a larger tipster stable that offer a number of selections. Staking appears to follow a similar pattern to Jon Owen Racing, another service from Equine Investment Management which involves staking up to 10 points depending on how strong the “tip” is. Bets appear to be a combination of win bets, each ways and accumulators in various forms.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately there is very little information about how selections for Freddie the Flat are made. Jon Owen says that Fred Barnes is a full time punter and has been since 2008 however this isn’t built upon.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Freddie the Flat is being offered on a “free” trial period however based off the last product that Equine Investment Management launched this is unlikely to be free for too long. With Jon Owen’s last offering, it was only a few weeks before you were being asked to put £20 on his tips at the bookies for him with a view to paying him any profits. Alternatively, you may be told that if you don’t pay you’ll stop receiving tips.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return for Freddie the Flat at the time of writing and it is still early days. That having been said, one can explore the previous service which appears to have a very similar structure. In this case, returns were minimal, often with extensive periods of losing large quantities.


I was left less than impressed by Jon Owen’s previous release and unfortunately Freddie the Flat looks like it is shaping up to fall flat as well. The fact is that despite claims that Fred Barnes has “done alright” over winter there is no proofing whatsoever. Nor is there any evidence provided that historically this pro punter has performed. There is also a staking plan that seems to be very similar to that employed in Jon Owen Racing which had bets of up to 20-25 points being placed on some days. It is also worth examining the background of Equine Investment Management who claim to have been producing betting products since 1999, despite only being registered as a company in late 2014. Interestingly, Jon Owens has cropped up before working for Greentree Consultancy with a product 66 to 1 which didn’t really perform there either. Greentree Consultancy made the same claims as Equine Investment Management having allegedly been in the business since 1999 as well. Both companies are registered in Malvern, albeit with different postcodes and PO Boxes, however the link that is in place would be proven on balance of probability. The long and short of Freddie the Flat is that it’s free so there’s no harm in betting on paper however I would absolutely not look to invest any money in the bets at this time.



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From: Simon Roberts