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Free Content Plus Review Oliver Goehler

Free Content Profits is a system that offers its users the ability to generate a revenue stream through eBay and Amazon by selling products on disc that are freely available for download on the internet.

The product works by utilising the licencing agreements on some freeware software and videos such as Open Office.  Software like this can usually be downloaded for free online but the licence on the product does not stop its modification and/or distribution for profit. There are many examples of these available online and Free Content Profits offers customers information on where to obtain these and how to go about producing a physical product to sell online.

There are two training packages available through Free Content Plus that differ greatly in terms of price and what they offer. The first offers step-by-step instructions using 8 training videos on DVD for creating content. It then goes on to teach you how to source free content and how to maximise your profits. The second package (the Advanced Package) costs significantly more and comes with a USB stick that contains programs that the creator of the program already sells online. This is designed to set users up and creating content to sell online out of the box.

The investment is quite significant in each case with the Initial Training Package retailing at £77 and the Advanced Training Package costing a hefty £495. There seems to be very little investment outside of this other than the time involved in setting up the business as the products being sold online are obtained at no cost to you. There also a full 60 day guarantee with a refund if you are not satisfied during this time period.

This creates a massive profit potential as a percentage but the actual figures are not huge. In fact, the creator of the system goes out of his way to point out that he does not earn a full living wage off the product. He claims to have made a little over £12,000 which compared to the claims of some Forex trading claims seems minuscule but being fair, there seems to be very little investment or risk required to earn this.

On balance this seems like a very reasonable product and it is very easy for anybody to see how it can work. I find the claims of profit to be a little questionable as £1000 per month from selling these products is very much on the high side but with the right information (such as that which is on offer here) it certainly seems like an easy way for anybody to top up their bank balance with not a whole lot of work or financial investment.

Free Content Profits operate out of Cheshire, England:

Information Mavericks Ltd.
3rd Floor, Province Mill
Alexander St
SK14 1DZ
Tel: 0161 367 8118



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