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Fusebets Betting Syndicate Review

Fusebets Betting Syndicate is a new betting syndicate and tipster service. As well as offering pay-outs at the end of the month users also get horse racing tips to employ themselves.

What does the product offer?

The core of Fusebets Betting Syndicate is obviously the betting syndicate and I shall explore this momentarily. First I would like to look at what appears to be a little bit of a bonus to subscribers which come in the form of horse racing tips. These seem to be near daily and are technically what you pay for (“Your subscription is to pay for out horse racing tips only”) however you also gain a stake in the syndicate for that same price. Fusebets Betting Syndicate’s horse racing service doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary and as such I shan’t dwell on it.

Where it does become interesting is in terms of the syndicate itself. You can buy a number of subs that dictate what share of the profits you are entitled to as a subscriber. From here the team behind Fusebets Betting Syndicate will then place bets throughout the month with a view to all members getting their cut of the profit. This isn’t a new setup for a syndicate so again, I won’t explore this in too much detail. What is of interest is their average strike rate which for December currently stands at a reasonable enough 29.54%. A look at the daily stats shows that there aren’t many losing days however these can on occasion be pretty substantial. All in all though, Fusebets Betting Syndicate appears to have been in profit each week which is the result that matters. Payment is issued to members for their cut of the profit at the end of each week. There are also plans for the future to arrange meet ups for members to “spend their earnings”.

How does the product work?

The team behind Fusebets Betting Syndicate are a group of “betting enthusiasts, Pro Tipsters and statisticians” which if true is a pretty well rounded group. Bets placed by the syndicate cover a huge variety of events from horse racing to obvious sports betting choices like football to a number of significantly more obscure American sports. The team appear to be global with some of the tipsters actually being US based. Bets are a mixture of before the event and in play so there is plenty of variety involved in the Fusebets Betting Syndicate betting plan.

What is the initial investment?

Subs to Fusebets Betting Syndicate start at £40 for a single sub which lasts you a year. You can then buy 10, 20, 50 and 100 sub packages if you wish to increase your stake (there are options to purchase more however Fusebets Betting Syndicate recommend contacting them to discuss this). Naturally the more subs you have, the more your weekly pay-out will be. There is a 90 day money back guarantee in place whereby if your pay-outs from the Syndicate don’t cover your initial subscription, then they will refund you the difference.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing, Fusebets Betting Syndicate has made a total of 433.35 points in just 5 weeks. This has amounted to profits per sub of £42.89 which means that had you signed up on week one, you would already be showing a profit. This figure is scalable depending on how many subs were purchased right up to a maximum of £4289 if you purchased 100 subs.


Opportunities to get into fledgling syndicates seem to be pretty few and far between and Fusebets Betting Syndicate looks particularly attractive because it has had a storming start. That having been said, that isn’t the be all and end all and it is worth remaining cautious about it. After all, Fusebets Betting Syndicate is still a new service and whilst the initial results have seemed great, this is no guarantee of future performance. Also worth keeping in mind is that more syndicates fail than are successful which makes anything like this inherently risky (although this is something that Fusebets Betting Syndicate are quite open about). Realistically this brings you down to the same choice that you have when you buy anything, namely, how sure are you of the product you are buying.

I am rather prudent and would be inclined to say that I would wait and see how future weeks do however because of the nature of syndicates, this could mean that you’re losing money. The fact is that I’ve seen tipster services charge more per month than Fusebets Betting Syndicate does for a year that are riskier.



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