FX Galion Review

FX Galion is a piece of Forex trading software by Sebastian Conta that is claimed to provide clear indicators with a view to profiting.

What does the product offer?

FX Galion is downloadable meta trader software that also comes with a user manual to help understand how the trading works (a key part of the process according to Sebastian Conta). Sebastian Conta also claims that FX Galion is able to make money in all market conditions.

How does the product work?

It is rather difficult to say really. As mentioned above a key aspect of FX Galion is understanding why trades are placed but this isn’t really concisely explained which is problematic for a system claimed to be ideal for newbies. What Sebastian Conta does have to say on the subject is that FX Galion does not use trend trading, scalping or counter trends.

What is the initial investment?

FX Galion is available for a one off fee of $149. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee but in order to claim your refund you have to show that you have taken steps to ensure that you have followed the instructions and kept records of trades.

What is the rate of return?

Profits for FX Galion are shown at 1089 pips, 2780 pips and 145 pips. Obviously the cash value of these trades will be dependent on the investment.


I fail to see anything about FX Galion that stands out from the many other Forex trading bots out there. The sales pitch is so generic it may as well be copied and pasted and this combined with the lack of information just doesn’t instil confidence. That is not to say that FX Galion lacks merit, it seems to show reasonable profit although the sustainability or frequency of this remains to be seen.



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From: Simon Roberts