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FX Monetizer Review

FX Monetizer is a product by Larry Green and Eugene L. It offers users an automated Forex trading program that also provides manual indicators to help improve your trading knowledge.

What does the product offer?

FX Monetizer is a piece of software created by Eugene L and Larry Green. FX Monetizer is 100% automated and is designed to provide stable and safe profits whilst being as user friendly as possible. The software is claimed to be fitted with a number of safety measures that help it do this although they aren’t explored in great detail. As well as the automated FX Monetizer system you get a bonus in the form of manual trading signals. Larry Green says that these will help you gain manual trading experience. Purchasing FX Monetizer gives you a lifetime of access to the software as well as future updates etc.

How does the product work?

FX Monetizer is claimed to be based on a volatility strategy. This appears to take advantage of the fact that markets are constantly changing although truthfully it isn’t covered in any real detail. In order to ensure that any profits are kept there is a dynamic stop system although again the hows aren’t covered in enough detail for my liking.

What is the initial investment?

FX Monetizer is available for what is claimed to be a limited time offer of $127 with Eugene L and Larry Green saying that they may pull FX Monetizer at any time. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place although this is provided by the vendors and isn’t backed up by ClickBank or anything.

What is the rate of return?

Larry Green claims that FX Monetizer can earn as much as 200 pips profit per trade but this figure is a little too vague for my liking. They also claim a 134.79% gain but this doesn’t specify a time frame.


FX Monetizer at first glance looks like a pretty solid offer but I think when scrutinised little gaps start to appear. For example, there is the lack of real information available on profitability. FX Monetizer may well work as advertised, I think the big problem is that how it is advertised isn’t all that clear.

Personally I’d stay away from FX Monetizer, although there are some who will find this an enticing offer, if only because the money back guarantee means that there isn’t necessarily any risk to your wallet.



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From: Simon Roberts