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FX Smooth Indicator Review

FX Smooth Indicator is a Forex indicator by Terry Brooks. It alerts users to profitable trades on currency pairs as well as gold and oil.

What does the product offer?

FX Smooth Indicator is a Forex trading indicator that has been designed for use on any version of Meta Trader. There are also no broker restrictions on the software. FX Smooth Indicator comes with a standard and premium “Platinum” version. Creator Terry Brooks sells two versions of FX Smooth Indicator. The standard version trades on all major currency pairs with the Platinum version of FX Smooth Indicator also trading on the commodities market in the form of gold, oil, silver etc. as well as exotic currency pairs.

How does the product work?

According to Terry Brooks, FX Smooth Indicator is able to trade profitably by following trends, the same tactic he claims that hedge funds utilise. Further to this he says that the software is able to adapt to any market changes by using a special Volatility Adaptive Formula. Unfortunately there are no details about how this works, simply that it is a thing.

What is the initial investment?

FX Smooth Indicator sells for $27 in its standard format and $47 for the Platinum package. Creator Terry Brooks claims that these rates are discounted from $57 and $97 respectively. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place for FX Smooth Indicator as it is sold through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

According to an example account, a user was able to generate $14,372 in a single month using FX Smooth Indicator. There are additional claims that seem to be rather exaggerated such as $17,604 in 2 weeks. Regardless of figures, this is marketed as a high profit item.


FX Smooth Indicator offers all the usual promises that you would expect from a Forex product. Am I convinced? Not at all. Terry Brooks makes all the claims but at no point does he provide what I would call substantiated evidence. Instead there are references to algorithms and acronyms that ultimately seem to be there for sales spiel only.

Personally I am left underwhelmed as is often the case although for those who do feel that this may be worth a punt the money back guarantee should provide piece of mind.



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