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Game Set & Profit is a new tennis tipster service which is being launched by the Betting Gods team. Following some comprehensive proofing, tipster Ravi is now offering his selections to the general public. 

Introduction to Game Set & Profit

Tennis is one of those sports that I cannot get into. It’s the same with golf. I don’t know what it is about it, because it should be appealing to me. Fast paced, exciting, and it doesn’t take several days to complete a game. But it just doesn’t. However, I am aware and savvy enough to know that there is definitely money to be made betting on the sport. I just lack the inclination to learn enough to bet successfully. As such, I am always on the lookout for a service that is able to plug the gaps in my knowledge.

Now, I have seen a lot of tennis tipster services come and go in my time, but today’s review subject is particularly interesting to me. And as is often the case when they are involved, Betting Gods are a big part of this. If only because of their approach to services. And Game Set & Profit actually exemplifies why it is an attractive proposition. Because Ravi has been proofing the service for 8 months. A period of time which allows a very realistic picture to be painted in terms of what you can expect.

And it is a pretty good looking painting as well. Game Set & Profit has some solid results in a niche that isn’t always the easiest to make profit in. However, this does come with some caveats. Immediately upon looking at Betting Gods’s proofing, I can see that this isn’t going to be a service that will work for everybody. In fact, this is something that might ultimately put people off. But what is hard to overlook is that Ravi has delivered on the area that arguably matter most, profit.

What Does Game Set & Profit Offer?

The fundamental offering of Game Set & Profit is a very straight forward affair. However, there is a hell of a lot to consider here, as I want to explore over the course of this review. So, first things first, I want to talk about the logistics. This is one of the easiest places to start, and it is also one of the least controversial things bout the service.

As you might expect from Betting Gods, the management of everything is of the highest calibre. Betting Gods have put out a good number of successful tipsters in their time and it shows. Game Set & Profit is no different. So, as you might expect, selections are made available directly via email. This is pretty much industry standard at this point. Importantly, there is all of the information that you need there to place bets including advice on odds.

On top of the emails, you can also access a member’s area that you can log into on the Betting Gods website. For my money though, the best option is the Betting Gods app. This allows you to get notifications directly to your phone, meaning no missed emails. And with bets sometimes sent out both in the morning (around 9.30am) and the evening (around 8.30pm), missing them isn’t generally something you want to be doing.

Especially because there can be a significant number of bets advised. As I’m writing this, there were 15 bets advised for the day before. And this isn’t a unique thing. On average, Ravi sends out 181 tips per month and as Betting Gods highlight “These will NOT be evenly spread through the month”. This high volume approach is one of the single biggest considerations for Game Set & Profit in my mind.

So what bets are you placing exactly? You might as well ask which bets you aren’t placing. Whilst I don’t claim to be intimate with tennis betting markets, there are bets on winners, set winners, winning by a certain number of sets and games, games lasting over a certain number of sets. And topping all of that off, Ravi also advises accumulators of these bets too.

Naturally, all of this encompasses a huge range of odds. Tennis generally isn’t something that produces big bets, and whilst Betting Gods’s average of 2.76 is around what you can expect, I do feel like most bets are even lower than this. Of course, there are also those accas which come with some potentially massive odds and profit, but these are definitely the exception rather than the rule.

Now, I mentioned that the volume of bets is a big consideration, and this applies doubly so when you look at the staking plan as well. Betting Gods’s proofing for Game Set & Profit shows that Ravi tends to advise that bets are backed to 2 points per bet. Naturally, that adds up incredibly quickly. Using the example above, you’re looking at staking 30 points in a day. That is a huge amount for some people and I can fully appreciate why.

I feel like this is especially applicable when you factor in that there is a pretty small betting bank in the grand scheme of things. It is recommended that you have a 125 point bank with Game Set & Profit. For most services, this would be more than enough. But in just one day, almost a quarter of that was staked. Sure, the day only ended with a loss of 4 points at the end of it, but it takes a lot to be willing to throw that kind of money around.

This is somewhat offset by the fact that there is a decent win rate. Betting Gods show that Ravi currently sits at 49.62%, a number that I feel is a reasonably accurate reflection of how often Game Set & Profit has been winning recently. But even with that knowledge, I would personally be a bit nervous with stretching my bank that much.

How Does Game Set & Profit Work?

Typically speaking, Betting Gods don’t provide a lot of information in terms of how their tipsters identify selections. But in the case of Game Set & Profit, there is actually a hell of a lot of insight which is all very welcome. And it all starts with the fact that Ravi has been following tennis for 5 years, as well as having a degree in Sports Science. Something that he says allows him additional insight.

What is realty interesting though is that we are told that Game Set & Profit is based off probability. More specifically, how it lines up to the odds that bookies put out. This probability is then compared to Ravi’s own evaluation of a game which includes players strength’s and weaknesses. This in turn looks at things like the surface, the weather, and the “rhythm that each player is in”.

This is very welcome insight as it shows to me a service that leans into value. Something that is very important in a sport where there aren’t really high odds (mostly because there are ultimately only two outcomes in a game). And I think this can be really seen in those accas that, whilst not consistent winners, can be quite substantial.

And of course the icing on the cake, as is always the case with Betting Gods, there is that comprehensive proofing for Game Set & Profit. Being able to see all of Ravi’s bets laid out really helps you to get your expectations under control and properly understand what you can expect from following the service.

What is the Initial Investment?

Fundamentally, there is only one option available if you want to sign up to Game Set & Profit. This is a monthly subscription which is priced at £37 per month (plus VAT). But the truth is that it is also much more than this with Betting Gods offering some very generous introductory offers.

If you are looking to simply give Game Set & Profit a go, you can sign up on a 15 day trail. This is priced at £1.99 (plus VAT) after which you go over to a monthly subscription. Alternatively, if this looks like something that you might be interested in, you can sign up on a 3 month trial. This is priced at £39 (again, plus VAT) and gives you 3 months of tips. Once again, once this has elapsed, you revert to that monthly subscription.

Of note is that however you choose to sign up to Game Set & Profit, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee offered by Betting Gods. This is backed up by Clickbank which means that if you did have any problems claiming this (which I don’t imagine you would), you always have some recourse.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since October, Ravi has produced a profit of £3,694. This is an impressive looking number, however, I do feel like this should be placed into some context. Firstly, given that this is based off £25 stakes, you’re actually looking at 147.76 points.  But building on this, because you are staking 2 points per bet, you could effectively cut that in half to show 1 point level stakes of just 73.88 points.

I know that it sounds like I’m being particularly negative about all of this, but I am struggling to see many positives. Even the ROI sits at just 5.10%. Now, that isn’t terrible, and a profit is a profit, but it isn’t a huge amount of money either.

Conclusion for Game Set & Profit

Whilst there are many ways that one can judge a tipster service, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that the bottom line is… Well, the bottom line. More than anything else, the single most important thing is actually making a profit. Which Game Set & Profit has done to be fair. But I’m really not certain that it is quite enough profit in my eyes.

Here’s the thing. I Believe that Ravi knows his stuff. Honestly, you don’t get a strike rate of almost 50% and accas coming in if you’re simply guessing. But the way that the service is set up massively dilutes your potential for profit. Game Set & Profit is, in some respects, very good. I will give full credit there, but I’m not quite certain it is good enough to say that it warrants the expense.

You see, when I look at a tipster service, there are always certain standards that I like to keep in mind. That way, it ensures that everything has a fair comparison. The first thing is that I always calculate stakes to £10 where possible. If you’re a punter who is looking to take betting at least half way to seriously, this is the amount that I personally believe you need to bet to make things worthwhile.

The other thing that I do, especially with any level staking service, is factor down the results. Because frankly, you can just inflate results as much as you want betting 5 or 10 points on a service. Something that I have seen before. And when you put Game Set & Profit into that context, it is really quite hard to justify anything.

Game Set & Profit has been operational for 8 months, and in that time a profit of 73.88 points has been made to 1 point stakes. That means £738.80 to £10 per point. Now, that isn’t necessarily bad money, but at £37 per month, you’d have spent £296 on subscription costs. This puts you £442.80 actual profit or £55 per month. And that small return, frankly, takes a lot of work and putting yourself through quite a lot. Don’t forget, you might be staking £150 per day for that profit at the end of the month.

So, probably not surprisingly, I don’t think that I would really look to recommend Game Set & Profit as it is. In my opinion, for most people, Game Set & Profit struggles to justify the investment in terms of time and money. However, I want to concede that I don’t believe that this is a bad service, and in actual fact, for the right kind of person, it may be very worthwhile.

You see, if you absolutely need a tennis tipster for your portfolio, you can stick out Game Set & Profit, and you want to fund the staking plan, I think there is long term money to be made. And there can be some big winning days. Betting Gods’s proofing, for example, shows that yesterday (based off the time I am writing this) Ravi had 11 winning bets from 16. If you were to use the 2 point stakes, that is a swing of 16.32 points in a day.  

This definitely can perform, if you are in that position to see it through. But even then, that is reliant on you needing a tennis service. Because there are plenty of horse racing, football, and various other sporting tipsters that are performing better than this. So whilst it isn’t great in my opinion, I will concede that it fits a niche.


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