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Gaming Bets is a new to market esports betting tipster service which is operated by one Robert Dunn. He claims to make an incredibly substantial amount of money through his betting activity.

Introduction to Gaming Bets

I don’t tend to talk numbers when I am introducing a service. Under normal circumstances, I prefer to set things up. Provide some context. But when a service lands on your desk that claims that the tipster behind the service has made more than £300,000 in a year. Well, it’s hard not to talk about those numbers. Because really, that is the only context that you need to provide in many ways.

Which brings me to Gaming Bets. Whilst there are undoubtedly other elements to the service, it is hard to ignore the fact that Robert Dunn just makes some exceptional claims. Of course, I really question just whether or not he is able to deliver on them. Because I am of the opinion that whilst this may all look amazing on paper, the reality seems like it will all just a little bit different. Something that honestly, becomes apparent as soon as you actually start trying to piece this together.

None the less, I will try and keep an open mind. I would hate to slate Gaming Bets and be proven wrong by 50 people all being £150,000 better off in 6 months. Not that I think this would happen, I’ll hasten to add. But keeping all of that in consideration, let’s have a look at this and see whether or not Robert Dunn can actually deliver.

What Does Gaming Bets Offer?

I’ll be honest, the way that Robert Dunn talks about Gaming Bets and esports, you would think that you are buying your way into some exotic and new offering. That is unlike anything else in the world. Maybe 5 years ago, but not so much now. And this extends to his service as well. Honestly, this is a very unexceptional tipster service.

Now, this applies to a number of elements, but I plan on starting today with the logistics of Gaming Bets. And I am also going to start by saying something that I will say a lot during this. Namely, “there isn’t a lot here that you haven’t seen before”.  Something that you can apply to a lot of elements of what Robert Dunn does.

In the case of Gaming Bets, this means that you are getting a daily tipster service. The only thing that is remotely interesting about it is the fact that it deals with esports. A betting market that up until recently has been pretty niche. However, there have been a huge number of services that have emerged as a result of the lack of sports during the pandemic. Guess how many of those are still going…

As you would probably expect, the selections are issued directly via email. All that you are told you have to do is place the bets that Robert Dunn advises. Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge amount of information contained within these emails.

If I were going to follow Gaming Bets, I would definitely be looking to employ an odds comparison site. This means that when you do win, you can be at least confident that you are getting the best possible odds. Something that if you simply do what Robert Dunn tells you, you have no real way of knowing.

And on the subject of odds, you shouldn’t really expect too much if I’m honest. The fact of the matter is that the majority of bets when it comes to esports come with some pretty specific limits. The fact is that games are usually very tight and as such, bookies don’t tend to come down too strong one way or another.

What is worth noting is that you can expect to see a number of different betting markets. This is in part down to the nature of esports. There are so many games played and each will have different focuses in terms of the markets available. Ultimately though, you shouldn’t see anything too niche when it comes to Gaming Bets. If only because I don’t believe that Robert Dunn understands esports betting half as well as he claims he does.  

Whilst I am talking about the bets, there are probably a few other points to consider. Firstly this isn’t actually a particularly high volume service. Most days will produce just a handful of bets, depending on what events are ongoing in the various tournaments etc. This is one of the few things that are positive. Because at least your drawdown is generally pretty manageable.

This only leaves a few things to discuss, most of which are fundamentally numbers based. This includes the staking plan and the strike rate. Two topics that I believe are quite important when dealing with Gaming Bets.

In terms of the staking plan, rather frustratingly, Robert Dunn doesn’t actually provide any information. This is something that is very concerning for me for two reasons. First of all, there is the fact that all of the income claims for Gaming Bets are in pounds and pence. Obviously with no insight into the staking plan, these numbers don’t really mean anything.

Secondly, it makes it difficult to know what kind of betting bank you might need if you were following Robert Dunn’s advice. Personally, if I were going to follow Gaming Bets, I’d want a betting bank of at least 150 points and I’d be betting to level stakes of 1 point. This allows for things to go with, something that I think is likely to be pretty common.

This only leaves the strike rate. Something which once again, Robert Dunn makes no mention of. What I will say is that there is a very strong recurring sense throughout Gaming Bets that there isn’t a lot of risk to the bets. There is plenty of talk about how good Robert Dunn is as a tipster and how strong his selections are. Unfortunately, these are neither quantified, nor proofed in any meaningful fashion. As such, I take all of this with a very healthy pinch of salt.

How Does Gaming Bets Work?

The inner workings of Gaming Bets effectively boil down to just one thing. And that is Robert Dunn’s claims of previously having been a professional esports payer. Ultimately this is one of those long winded and rambling narrative based services in which some very interesting claims are made, yet conveniently aren’t substantiated.

Nonetheless, I do feel like it is probably worth detailing this so called rise to fame and decline. Robert Dunn starts by talking about his background plying computer games, culminating in his joining a team playing a very popular game, League of Legends. Here he says he “attended international tournaments, which were watched by international audiences of millions”.

He also talks about working with his team and how they would live and refine their strategies. And I’ll give credit to Robert Dunn. He does a very good job of accurately describing the life of an esports player. This all culminates in his retirement, after which he started betting on the sport.

From here, we are told that finding selections for Gaming Bets is easy for him because he knows “the game, the players, the strategy”. And using this as a starting point, he talks about how he “studied tirelessly” making notes on tournaments, players, teams, “every piece of public news and every whisper on the industry grape vine”.

If you take all of this at face value, it undeniably sounds very impressive. Having an insider breakdown the walls of this rather niche and somewhat inaccessible sporting world. What stands out to me however is that really, Robert Dunn doesn’t do anything to talk about what his selection process for Gaming Bets is. Instead, you are just seemingly supposed to be a bit awed about his story.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Gaming Bets there is just one option available. This is a one time cost of just £29.99 (plus VAT).  This does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee which is backed up by the fact that Robert Dunn is selling the service through Clickbank. These are typically very good at honouring this (so long as you don’t serially claim refunds). This is all well advertised in the sales material too.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the single biggest draw when it comes to Gaming Bets, and that is the huge amounts that Robert Dunn claims you can earn. Obviously, the headline talks about how Robert Dunn made more than £300,000 over the last year, but what can subscribers expect to make?

Elsewhere in the sales material, he claims that Gaming Bets subscribers can expect to see £5,000 per week and £20,000 per month. This is substantially less than that headlining amount, but it is still a very substantial amount of profit to take home. However, you should definitely keep in mind that this is entirely unverified with no proofing or evidence.

It is also particularly important to consider the fact that there is no information on how much you have to stake in order to makes these products. As such, that £20,000 could be anywhere from 2,000 points at £10 to 20 points at £1,000.

Conclusion for Gaming Bets

There is just… So much about Gaming Bets that is just incredibly questionable. So much so that I don’t really know where to start. What I will say for some context before I start to get into the details here is that I just don’t really see anything about this that I would look to recommend.

First things first, let’s talk about what Gaming Bets is supposedly based around. Yes, esports is a growing market, and of course there is a lot of money involved with it. But what is really interesting to me is that you can’t actually find any history of Robert Dunn.

And finding him shouldn’t be difficult. There is plenty of information on top esports players. Especially those who got to the level that he claims he did. Honestly ,It is almost as if he is character that has been invented to draw in those who perhaps don’t understand esports.

On top of this, let’s be straight with ourselves. There aren’t generally people out there making £300,000 through betting on esports. There have definitely been millionaire bettors in the past, but I know what their operations have involved. Usually, it is more akin to planning a military raid than backing a horse at the bookies.

To be at that level means having teams of people placing bets for you through multiple bookmakers. It means hiding your involvement in those bets. Sure, things have changed a little, but not that much.

But believe me when I say that this these are a long way from the only issues. There is a very distinctive lack of evidence backing up… Well, anything, if I’m entirely honest. Robert Dunn doesn’t provide proofing, he doesn’t provide details of bets, he doesn’t demonstrate in any way that he is who he says he is.

Effectively, all that you are doing with Gaming Bets is taking the word of a stranger that they know what they are doing. And furthermore, you are paying them for the privilege. That in and of itself is something that I never recommend you do. But here, I can say definitively that it is a bad idea, and this is because of something that most people won’t necessarily get a chance to look at.

You see, the vendor who is selling Gaming Bets through Clickbank isn’t Robert Dunn. I know this to be true because I have reviewed a lot of different tipster services that they have released. These have all been structurally similar to this in so much as there is a lack of information, a lack of evidence, and claims of profit that are simply ridiculous.

What they also all have in common is that they’ve rather conspicuously been closed down once the refund period that Clickbank offer has expired. Given this track record, I fully expect Gaming Bets to be the same.

So, as I said, I wouldn’t really look to recommend Gaming Bets. I can’t think of a single redeeming feature that this service has outside of the fact that it’s only £30 and in theory, you can get your money back. But even that doesn’t go a long way really.

The long and short of it is that this is just another tipster service that you should avoid. Because like I’ve said many times before, if you aren’t paying a lot for a bad product, you are still paying for a bad product.


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