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GBS Horse Racing Review

GBS Horse Racing is a horse racing betting system by Lorraine and Simon Foreman. The system claims to use the same methods that bookies use.

What does the product offer?

GBS Horse Racing claims to offer users a horse racing betting system that is guaranteed to make money. The system is likely to be a physical document based off research into the creators Lorraine and Simon Foreman. The system can be used online or through a bookmakers shop although it is recommended that bet are played though local bookmakers. GBS Horse Racing is claimed to take just 15 minutes out of your day to place your win bets.

How does the product work?

There is very little information about how GBS Horse Racing actually works on both the website and on the literature you can request. As I have mentioned (and Lorraine and Simon Foreman are keen to point out), GBS Horse Racing does say that it uses the same method that bookmakers use but with no evidence to back this up I remain wary.

What is the initial investment?

GBS Horse Racing costs £300 overall with £150 to be paid for the system itself and a further £150 to be paid after two months when you are “in profit”. Lorraine and Simon Foreman don’t offer any money back guarantee on GBS Horse Racing.

What is the rate of return?

It is repeated several times that you can make anywhere between £50 per day and £500 per day using GBS Horse Racing.


Personally I find this whole set up to be rather questionable. I am not sold on the merits of the system, especially since you are going into it blindly. There aren’t even any proofed results with the only available snippets being claims of x number of points in a given month, something that could so blatantly be doctored it is barely worth including. I also have questions about the way this operation is set up. Lorraine and Simon Foreman operate this as a mail order operation rather than online, presumably due to different laws governing sales, a point to consider.

This when paired with the reputation of their other products makes GBS Horse Racing a no go for me.



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I have questioned this method to Simon many times asking for proof and past results. Even though if he did give this information it would be hard to believe anyway, you can print anything on a sheet of paper….even asked for a free trial first but he did not respond. I want to try before I buy. A lot of money up front for the unknown product.

yes and his money back guarantee is worthless. How does anyone know that he would honour it??

If this man’s systems all win guaranteed money, and he has quite a few, why on earth is he trying to sell them, is it to make more profit because the systems fail, why not give some of them away and show their worth?

I am trying to get your Football systems up on Winbet,… to no avail. What’s gone wrong?

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From: Simon Roberts