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Get Rich Soccer Betting is a sports betting tipster service which is operated by one J.K. Diego. He has his own publishing company and seems to have launched a wide ranging number of products before this football betting one.

Introduction to Get Rich Soccer Betting 

There is no doubt in my mind that J.K. Diego is an internet marketer. What I mean by this is that a lot of tipsters that I have looked at before now have been individual guys who have had a betting system for some time before deciding to sell it.

Before launching Get Rich Soccer Betting, J.K. Diego has dealt in things as wide ranging as jewellery and clothing, to making money through blogging and cryptocurrency. He has even authored some erotic novels which are available for purchase through his website.

This leads me to my entirely reasonable first thought which is “why should I trust Get Rich Soccer Betting?”. This guy has his fingers in so many pies, it honestly makes me wonder how he is able to make time for finding football bets as well.  

What Does Get Rich Soccer Betting Offer?

Essentially, Get Rich Soccer Betting is a daily sports betting tipster service although that is about the only thing that can be said about J.K. Diego’s service that is “typical”. For example, selections aren’t sent out via email, but via WhatsApp.

There is probably good reason for this (for example, it is much more secure with messages being encrypted), however I can understand why this may put some people off. Selections are typically issued as a link to the website which shows you real time odds etc. It is not how you usually see these things done, but it does work well for Get Rich Soccer Betting.

In terms of the bets, Get Rich Soccer Betting is built around the idea that the best value to be had in football betting actually lies in betting on draws. There is actually some evidence to back this up as well meaning it isn’t an entirely unfounded opinion.

In fact, J.K. Diego talks about at length about the odds that are involved with Get Rich Soccer Betting having average odds of slightly more than 3.00. This is much higher than the average odds for backing a team. In terms of the volume of bets, you can expect around 100 bets per month which sounds a lot, however it s actually just over 3 bets per day.

One of the key aspects of J.K. Diego’s service is the staking plan. Referred to as the “increasing sake method”, it really isn’t that far removed from a Martingale system. Essentially, Get Rich Soccer Betting is a level stakes affair with all bets advised to 1 point per bet.

When your bet loses though, you are supposed to increase your betting amount by 1.5 every time you encounter a loss, apparently indefinitely. Whilst the 1.5 times increase is less than a pure Martingale recovery approach, there is still the problem of a long losing streak getting very expensive.

Finally, there is the strike rate for Get Rich Soccer Betting to talk about. This is actually an incredibly strong number with J.K. Diego saying that the 6 months between January and June of 2018 having a strike rate of 43%. This is a very strong result, however despite my best efforts, I have been unable to get the full proofing working. As such, I can’t help but treat this claim with some degree of cynicism.

How Does Get Rich Soccer Betting Work?

To his credit, J.K. Diego actually talks about what his betting strategy involves. To a degree, at least. Obviously Get Rich Soccer Betting is based around extracting the best possible value from football betting. This is in no small part down to why you back draws.

I can also see how in theory, there is some merit to the recovery system which is in place as well (although I am not entirely sold on this). J.K. Diego also talks about having plenty of experience as sports bettor.

In theory, that all sounds well and good, however I believe that it has to be stated that whilst there is more insight into how Get Rich Soccer Betting works than some services offer, there is still quite a lot of information missing.

One of the key things is that whilst J.K. Diego supposedly has all of this experience, we aren’t really told anything about what his selection process for Get Rich Soccer Betting involves. That is somewhat problematic for me if I’m honest.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is no getting around the fact that Get Rich Soccer Betting is expensive. In fact, it is quite possibly the most expensive tipster service that I have ever looked at. J.K. Diego is asking $497 per month (which he refers to as very reasonable). Alternatively, you can subscribe on a weekly basis at a cost of $175 or receive selections for one day for $35.

Payment can be made via Paypal, Credit or Debi Card or rather interestingly, cryptocurrency, however you first have to email J.K. Diego expressing an interest in Get Rich Soccer Betting. There is no refund policy in place for the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for Get Rich Soccer Betting claims that profits of $100,000 in one year is something that is attainable, a number that is claimed to be based over the last 2 years worth of results. This is seemingly based however on bets of “starting from $100”, as opposed to the $20 that J.K. Diego usually recommends starting with.

It would appear though (and I am basing this off the fact that this is the most quoted realistic figure), that the average member would supposedly make some $2,000 per month.

Conclusion on the Get Rich Soccer Betting  service

Is J.K. Diego the real deal? That is arguably the biggest question that has to be answered when you look at Get Rich Soccer Betting. This is a difficult thing to answer however. I have been around the block with internet marketers and how they sell themselves, their lifestyle and of course, their products.

You can expect pictures of beaches taken from expensive hotels, highly questionable lifestyle advice, and shameless self promotion everywhere all of the time. It gets tiring and when J.K. Diego talks about “the notion of society being a giant prison” and “the bright future of Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency in general (THE BIGGEST THING FOR OUR GENERATION”. Well… Yeah. We all saw what happened with Bitcoin, and society is proven to be evolutionarily beneficial for us as a species.

So, to rephrase my question slightly. Do you trust a guy like J.K. Diego to give you tipping advice?

I am not so sure, and it isn’t just down to a seemingly contrarian for the sake of it personality. What you are given to sell you on Get Rich Soccer Betting as a viable tipster service are a number of WhatsApp conversations that have supposedly taken place between J.K. Diego and his subscribers.  He calls them Bro and throws about statistics and figures about earnings.

The problem with this however is that this kind of thing can very easily be doctored. If you wanted something more substantial as evidence, like, I don’t know. Actual proofing and detailed records for Get Rich Soccer Betting, then you are out of luck, because they don’t apparently exist.

The real killer for all of this is that you are being asked to pay $500 per month in order to receive those selections.

That is a huge amount of money and as somebody who looks at a lot of services, I can tell you now that you could put that money to much better work. The fact of the matter is that for that kind of money, you could build a very substantial, varied and profitable betting portfolio and still have money for a steak dinner afterwards.

But importantly, you could get this from reputable tipsters who can demonstrate that in the long term, they are able to build profits.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to spend that much per month on tips. I don’t generally think that it is warranted barring very exceptional circumstances. Get Rich Soccer Betting is not nearly exceptional enough to warrant it in my opinion, and as such, I would give this one a miss.  



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