Global Betting Network Review

Global Betting Network is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by Cian O’Connor. The service claims to provide some remarkable amounts of profit for subscribers.

Introduction Global Betting Network

There are exactly two things that made me pay attention to Global Betting Network. If they are genuine (which I am incredibly cynical about), then this would make it one of the most impressive and high quality tipster services that I have ever looked at.

If on the other hand it is simply bad marketing (as I suspect), then I know that at the very least, there will be some interesting and dare I even say entertaining reading to be had. The fact of the matter is this.

Not a single element of what Cian O’Conner has to say about Global Betting Network could be perceived as a half measure. This is a full on, balls to the walls sales pitch. So with this knowledge in hand, let’s see whether Global Betting Network is a bona fide thing, or the latest affiliate marketing hyped flop.

What Does Global Betting Network Offer?

Despite a rather lofty name, Global Betting Network is a very straight forward daily horse racing tipster service. What this means for subscribers is that each day, Cian O’Conner and his team will issue selections directly via email.

These are sent out each morning with Global Betting Network subscribers simply having to “place those bets as advised”. Rather unfortunately, the information that is included when selections are emailed out is rather basic. 

In terms of the bets themselves, there isn’t a whole lot to say. All of the bets that I have seen from Cian O’Conner are win bets and I can’t see any reason why there should be anything else.

These are at a range of odds although there is a strong emphasis on middling odds. Finally, there is the volume of bets. Despite the vast size of the supposed “Global Betting Network”, you only ever seem to end up with just a small handful of tips per day. 

Given that there is a whole team of betting experts supposedly involved with Global Betting Network, you would be forgiven for anticipating some kind of staking plan. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have been a part of anything.

This is particularly disconcerting to me for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is that all of Cian O’Conner’s claims of income are in pounds and pence and as such, have no real context. If I were personally betting along with Global Betting Network, I would very much be inclined to look at no more than 1 point per bet with a 100 point betting bank.

One of the many things that is lacking with Global Betting Network is any sort of proofing, a disappointing but not at all surprising fact.

In spite of this, Cian O’Conner claims in the sales material for the service that the average strike rate is a whopping 84% (a number that I want to point out would be decent for a lay betting service, never mind one that involves backing horses to win). This is a number that you would be right to be sceptical of and what I have seen so far doesn’t come close to this number. 

How Does Global Betting Network Work?

Cian O’Conner has a lot to say about the foundation of Global Betting Network, all starting with his betting activities with his Uncle Derrick.

Supposedly a successful stable owner, he took the young Cian O’Conner under his wing and taught him how to “assess the track and the lineup; how to play the odds and HOW TO WIN”. Over time the two were supposedly rubbing shoulders with “many of the big names in horse racing” and meeting professional punters from around the world.

Cian O’Conner goes on to say that after a particularly profitable day, he and a number of associates setup offices around the world.

There are now supposedly 45 offices across the world that are “Always watching, always analysing, always looking for loose lips and hot tips”. These all come together to discuss tips each day, before feeding them into a “state of the art betting system with a complex algorithm”. This supposedly then analyses the picks to ensure their validity. After all of this, they are sent out to Global Betting Network subscribers. 

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option for those who wish to subscribe to Global Betting Network. This is a one time payment of £29.99 which allows you to receive selections “indefinitely”. This isn’t something which is ever expanded on, but I suspect will realistically mean less than 12 months.

Cian O’Conner claims that there is limited availability for new subscribers to Global Betting Network with just 50 positions open. I am however sceptical of this claim and believe it is nothing more than a crude marketing technique.

 It is worth keeping in mind should you purchase Global Betting Network that Cian O’Conner is selling access to the service through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a lot of different numbers that are thrown around in terms of the income potential for Global Betting Network. Obviously the most prominent is the headline which claims that you can make more than £160,000 each year. .

Elsewhere in the sales material, there are a number of additional claims including making £3,000 “every single week” and that existing members are “banking more than £13,000 every single month”.

Conclusion on Global Betting Network

There is a lot to be said for Global Betting Network, however the unfortunate truth is that not much of it is necessarily good. Starting with the service itself, it is portrayed by Cian O’Conner as practically being a sure thing.

I would love nothing more than to see the service deliver on this, but without a shred of evidence that this is the case, it is rather difficult to take anything that is said seriously.

Let’s be honest here, Cian O’Conner makes out that Global Betting Network is an international betting company.

They supposedly have offices in all four corners of the world and it seems very reasonable to say that a business of this magnitude should have some professionalism to boast of and with this should come things like proofing, records of betting activity, and a damn site more than somebody simply claiming that their service makes 6 figures per year.

This was enough to set alarm bells ringing if I am honest, however when researching Global Betting Network it became apparent to me that there is so much more happening in the background.

The vendor who is selling the service on Clickbank is seemingly a long way from the supposed source. In fact, it is sold by a vendor who is well known for putting out betting products with a startlingly similar structure. What I mean by this is huge income claims, little evidence, fantastical stories.

Unfortunately, these services are also yet to demonstrably produce a profit in the longer term. In fact, I have lost track of how many examples that I have seen come and go with a certain predictability.

Whilst I wouldn’t have recommended Global Betting Network off what I had seen (or perhaps more specifically not seen) on the sales page, the fact that all of this happening in the background cements the fact that this is definitely a service to avoid.  

Avoid this nonsense with a capital A.



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From: Simon Roberts