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Global Soccer Goals Review

Global Soccer Goals is a betting system that works for a large number of football leagues and competition. It is offered by the marketer Steve Davidson.

What does the product offer?

According to Steve Davidson, Global Soccer Goals is possibly the easiest method of making money you can find. This is a bold claim that really I don’t feel he does enough to back up. There is very little information about how exactly Global Soccer Goals achieves anything other than some claims of earnings. There are two things you are able to gleam about Global Soccer Goals can be used with Betfair or traditional bookie and that there is an overall strike rate of around 55%. The program that you download to gain access to the system can be purchased for Windows PCs or Android smartphones.

How does the product work?

Information on how Global Soccer Goals works is very much lacking which is a huge problem for me. Whilst I don’t expect anybody to divulge the secrets of their system I think it is only right that enough is provided for users to make an educated decision. This is something that Steve Davidson lacks here and I feel that it is conspicuous in its absence.

What is the initial investment?

Global Soccer Goals is available for £69.97 which is claimed to be a reduced price from £89.97 for a limited number of copies (13 left at the time of writing). As with any product by Steve Davidson there is no refund policy in place.

What is the rate of return?

According to Steve Davidson, Global Soccer Goals has produced an overall profit of 1008 points over the 2012/13 and 2013/14 season. This figure is based around betting on all 13 leagues though.


Global Soccer Goals is something of a mixed bag. There is definitely some evidence to suggest that it works but a lack of information concerns me. Arguably my biggest problem relates to the claimed income.

As the 1008 points profits are based on all 13 leagues this would mean that using Steve Davidson’s guidelines you would need a betting bank of £6,500 which is a frankly staggering amount of money to have tied up in a product. This combined with a pretty high sale price and no refund policy makes me very wary of Global Soccer Goals.



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