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Glorious Goodwood Battle Preview

Glorious Goodwood Battle is a soon to be launched tipster service from Betfan that will be providing selections for the upcoming Goodwood Festival.

What does the product offer?

The Goodwood Horse Racing Festival is nearly upon us and not surprisingly, every man and his dog is emerging as an expert tipster who’s advice you simply have to have on your side. One of the more prominent names offering this service is Betfan who have brought together two of their tipsters, Andy Bell and Simon Holden, both of who operate premium services through the group. Betfan are touting Glorious Goodwood Battle as the battle of the egos but the fact is that both tipsters have shown their competency on a long term basis with both services consistently generating profits. Selections will be offered for all races and whilst this is only speculation on my behalf, both tipsters are fans of single and each way bets so I would expect a combination of these bets for Glorious Goodwood Battle. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a few accumulators thrown in for good measure, especially from Andy Bell who quite often uses them in his own service.

How does the product work?

Andy Bell and Simon Holden are amongst some of the bigger names at Betfan and whilst each has their own methods (in the case of both Andy Bell and Simon Holden, they both draw on their extensive contact lists). Glorious Goodwood Battle is likely to draw heavily on these methods as both tipsters have proven success with them.

What is the initial investment?

Glorious Goodwood Battle is being sold for a one time cost of £29.99 (inclusive of VAT) which (as mentioned) gets you selections for each race for the entire 7 days. As it is a Betfan product the usual money back guarantee (or lack thereof) is in place which means that although Betfan do not typically offer any form of money back guarantee, they will consider requests.

What is the rate of return?

As this is more of a preview than a review there is no saying how Glorious Goodwood Battle will ultimately perform. The fact is however that Andy Bell and Simon Holden both have a pretty long history of making money through Betfan. Personally I don’t believe that profits will be prolific unless you are backing to recommended stakes which will probably be around 5 points a turn.


There will undoubtedly be a stream of Goodwood Festival tipsters emerging soon, each offering their own take on things and which horses you should and shouldn’t be betting on. Personally however I think that you can probably do a lot worse. At £30, I would imagine that Glorious Goodwood Battle will turn a profit even at modest stakes given the team behind it (although I do still think that the cost is a touch expensive). What makes Glorious Goodwood Battle particularly worthwhile for me is that you will be getting tips from both men, not just one which should allow you a better overall chance of winning.



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