Go Cash Explosion Review

Go Cash Explosion is an internet marketing program by Mark Wightley in which he teaches users how to successfully market products online whilst offering his own support.

What does the product offer?

Go Cash Explosion claims to offer users a way to jumpstart their internet marketing career with the help of the creator, Mark Wightley. Go Cash Explosion is made up of a number of different aspects and perks. The core of Go Cash Explosion is the training that you receive on getting started with your internet marketing business and the support that Mark Wightley provides on a personal basis.

How does the product work?

If you believe the marketing, Go Cash Explosion works because Mark Wightley is figuratively sat over your shoulder telling you what to do next and promoting your business. He claims that he will personally review your first 3 Go Cash Explosion sites to ensure success as well as emailing his list of over 8,500 subscribers promoting your product. There are plenty of other things that he does, most of which capitalise on his own success.

What is the initial investment?

Mark Wightley claims that he usually sells his services for a one off fee of $1,997 but in the case of Go Cash Explosion, it is available for $37 per month. This can be cancelled at any time and also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. It is worth noting that there is limited availability for Go Cash Explosion with 50 places being available.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return for Go Cash Explosion and honestly, it is difficult to gauge how much you can earn. This is all really dependent on what kind of product you are selling.


There is a lot of help on hand with Go Cash Explosion which makes this a pretty solid option for those who are starting out in internet marketing. Mark Wightley seems to have a pretty firm grasp on what is required and the fact that he supports you through this is a boon. If you have ever carried out a product launch or even just have some experience with internet marketing then you are unlikely to find anything new. This is clearly aimed at newbies and I feel that Go Cash Explosion this may be something that can actually work.



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From: Simon Roberts