Goal Bet Formula Review

Goal Bet Formula is a sports betting tipster service from Winning Information Network that provides users with tips based around goal scorers in football games.

What does the product offer?

Providing users with weekly selections on goal scorer based tips, Goal Bet Formula is a tipster service unlike I have looked at before. The fact that it is the first service I have seen to try and accurately offer tips around this service says one of two things. The first is that the Goal Bet Formula Team know something that the rest of the world doesn’t or alternatively, Winning Information Network are being brave in publishing such a service. The actual service side of Goal Bet Formula is much as you would expect from a football based tipster service with selections mainly being for weekends with other days occasionally coming into play. Where it does differ is that Goal Bet Formula is a pretty high risk, high yield betting system as I shall look at below. Staking is rather varied with the Goal Bet Formula Team advising recommended stakes with selections.

How does the product work?

At the core of Goal Bet Formula is the concept of value really with the majority of bets coming in with pretty high odds, despite being reasonable chances of coming in. Winning Information Network say that this is backed up by extensive analysis of football matches in “immaculate detail”.

What is the initial investment?

Surprisingly for a Winning Information Network product, Goal Bet Formula is advertised as being sold on a weekly subscription basis however the service is charged monthly. This means that your first week that is available at a discounted rate of £5 per week will cost you £20 for the month with subsequent months costing £10 per week or £40 per month. As Winning Information Network are a part of the Betfan group there isn’t technically a money back guarantee in place however they do say that they will review all refund requests.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Goal Bet Formula is being advertised as having made a profit of 90.65 points. This is however based on a varied staking system which has involved stakes of 5 points in places. Of further note is that so far for February, Goal Bet Formula has generated a loss of 28 points.


Goal Bet Formula is a bit of a mixed bag frankly. When it wins, it is a service that wins big and this is something that may well appeal to the more casual bettor. That having been said this also appears to be based around rather high staking which means a proportional increase when there are losses, something which has been evidenced in the last month. All of this comes together to present a tipster service that I don’t feel is quite there yet. There is some potential however as it stands, Goal Bet Formula doesn’t quite feel like there is enough consistency.


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From: Simon Roberts