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Goal Betting Formula is a sports betting tipster service which, not surprisingly, is based around football betting. Tipster Rob Anthony claims to have a unique approach that allows him to produce some respectable profits.

Introduction to Goal Betting Formula

With football finally back in full swing, it was inevitable that there would be a wave of tipster services coming out of the woodwork. It happens every single season. And probably not surprisingly, a lot of them are BS. Ridiculous income claims, stories that wouldn’t be out of place in a trashy novel, and very little actual understanding of football betting. And all of that applies doubly because of Covid-19, because people are happy to have sports back, and are eager to get back to betting.

But not everything should be written off out of hand, because there can be some good stuff amongst the crap. And if you believe Rob Anthony, that is what is on offer with Goal Betting Formula. And I’ll be straight here, it really does look like a reasonable offering. The claims that are made aren’t ridiculously over the top, and the copy at the very least sounds like it’s been written by somebody who understands football betting.

goal-betting-forumula-reviewThis all makes it sound like Goal Betting Formula is just a decent product, right? Well, if I’m completely honest, I’m not so sure how much I believe that to be the case. The fact is that there are just a few things that make me question whether or not Rob Anthony is genuine. Now I don’t want to dwell on that quite yet, but I believe that it’s an important thing to keep in mind still.  

What Does Goal Betting Formula Offer?

Talking about what something like Goal Betting Formula offers is a pretty simple thing. Because one of the things that I do find to be commendable about it is that Rob Anthony has done a very good job of keeping things simple. Now to some people, that may be a bad thing. But in my experience, the less moving parts, the harder it is to break.

Now this simplicity applies to a lot of what Goal Betting Formula is. But I am going to start by talking about how Rob Anthony manages the service and those more “logistical elements”. And honestly, and probably not surprisingly, there isn’t a lot here that you won’t have seen elsewhere. Not that that has to be a bad thing.

As is the case with pretty much every tipster these days, Rob Anthony sends his selections out directly via email. They land with Goal Betting Formula subscribers at an absolute minimum, eight hours before the earliest kick off. Usually you do get more time than this though. Either way, I feel like you get adequate time to place your bets, especially because they generally stack towards the weekend.

Which brings me to the second point. Goal Betting Formula isn’t a daily tipster service. I know that is a pretty straightforward thing to say, and you probably wouldn’t expect differently. After all, Rob Anthony is dealing in football tips. Nonetheless, I only feel that it’s fair to put this out there. On a personal note, I find this approach preferential. I’ve seen far too many football tipsters who bet on ridiculous leagues just for the sake of finding a bet. They don’t tend to last.

Now this brings me to the bets themselves. And this is one of the areas where Rob Anthony is actually rather different to a lot of tipsters that I see. He focuses exclusively on the over/under goals markets. That isn’t anything new, but with Goal Betting Formula, it is entirely over 2.5 goals. Honestly, that is a bit of a rarity as most services will focus on lower goal markets.

And to some degree, this is reflected in the kinds of odds that you can get for Goal Betting Formula. A look at the proofing that Rob Anthony provides shows that there hasn’t been a single bet provided that has odds of less than 1.50. But these also go as high as 3.20 with a good chunk having bets that are higher than evens.

That might not necessarily sound like a huge deal, but in football betting getting value can be a very difficult thing. Now I’m not saying that you’re going to be seeing big winners with Goal Betting Formula. You categorically won’t. But it’s quite important to establish some context for these odds as otherwise, they could be very easily be seen as a bit naff when they actually aren’t.

Moving on from that, I do want to talk a little bit about the volume of bets. Because that is an area where there could be valid concern. Goal Betting Formula can be very high volume. For some context on this, just one day can easily produce more than 10 bets. Without looking too hard, I found a day from last season where Rob Anthony had found 15 bets.  

In some respects, that should be no harm, no foul. But I also have to talk about the staking plan for Goal Betting Formula and Rob Anthony’s recommended betting bank. Now what you are dealing with here is a simple level stakes affair. As you would probably expect. For something like this, I wouldn’t really want to risk more than that. And in theory, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now what worries me is that Rob Anthony recommends a betting bank of just 15-20 points. Specifically, we are told that if you had a minimum bank of £150-£200, you should be staking £10 per bet. So, you have a 15 point betting bank, and days where you will be tipped 15 bets. That is a concerning thing to me.

Even with the strike rate coming in at about 66%. Let’s not forget that most of those odds are less than evens. This means that you need quite a lot of wins in order to sustain that very small betting ban, and even a small bad run can negatively impact the sustainability of your betting.

How Does Goal Betting Formula Work?

The big question that really hangs over Goal Betting Formula in my book is just how it all works. Because Rob Anthony isn’t exactly forthcoming with insight into this quite important matter. In actual fact, pretty much all that we are really told is that a very specific strategy is used to “hack” the over 2.5+ goals market.

Outside of this, a lot of the copy is more concerned with what other services have done wrong. There is a lot of talk about how you might have found it “impossible to make money from sports betting” or “purchased a countless number of systems… most of which have either failed or broke even”. And Rob Anthony ends this little segment asking if you’ve dreamed of a sure fire way to make consistent profit from betting. Of course, alluding to Goal Betting Formula.

It is quite telling to me that there isn’t really any information provided in terms of the selection process. It is also incredibly disappointing. The thing is, I don’t want a detailed step by step breakdown. But I’m a strong proponent for consumer rights, and a part of that is knowing enough to make an informed decision. Something you can’t do here (which I also don’t believe to be a coincidence, but I’ll come back to this).

There is an argument to be made that the proofing Rob Anthony provides for Goal Betting Formula goes at least some way to helping you make this informed decision. After all, it does cover the whole of last season. But I’m just not convinced by it. Which I know seems like a strange thing to say because it’s right there in front of my eyes. But this ultimately ties into my last point, so once again, I’ll pick this up later.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up for Goal Betting Formula. The first of these is a 3 monthly subscription. For this, Rob Anthony is asking for a one time payment of just £30 (plus VAT). Alternatively, he says, you can get access for the full 2020/21 season for a one time payment of just £59 (plus VAT). This is of course the better value option, however, that does come at the cost of a much higher outlay.

Whichever option you choose, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is backed up by the fact that Rob Anthony is selling Goal Betting Formula through Clickbank. This means that in theory you shouldn’t have too many issues claiming this.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining number for Goal Betting Formula is Rob Anthony’s claim that he made £10,520.15 last year through the same bets he advises. According to Rob Anthony’s proofing, this is all to £50 stakes which means that it can easily be converted to a much better representation in the shape of a 210.4 point profit. That is a reasonable return, especially given it’s ultimately just over one season.

Conclusion for Goal Betting Formula

Honestly, to look at Goal Betting Formula in a vacuum, it really does look like a good tipster service. Sure, there are undoubtedly some holes in how Rob Anthony does things, but otherwise, you’re looking at things like a seemingly very solid strike rate, the profits are decent, and everything is fully proofed. As such, it may be hard to see why I might find reasons not to recommend this.

The fact is though that I do have a lot of concerns about Goal Betting Formula and all of them really have to be tied together. I said that in a vacuum Goal Betting Formula looks good. That is to say, you remove it from all context and look at it on face value, but it’s very difficult to do that. Especially because my time in this line of work has taught me things to look out for. And more specifically, who to look out for.

You see, Goal Betting Formula is being sold by a vendor who is well known to me for putting out multiple tipster services. These cover various disciplines and approaches, but what is noteworthy, is that they rarely stand the test of time.

This means that all of a sudden, Rob Anthony isn’t just disparaging other tipsters because he’s better. But to genuinely put you off the competition. And his lack of information might not actually be about protecting a selection process, but not having one to discuss. And whilst that proofing is all very detailed, it is noteworthy that it is all for games that have passed last season. You know, before Goal Betting Formula launched.

As such, it is very easy to look at that and question those results. And I don’t think you’d be acting unreasonably in doing so. The fact is that the domain fort his was registered earlier this month. And there has been absolutely no proofing in the month between the proofing ending and Goal Betting Formula launching. Sure, all of that could just be a coincidence. But I don’t believe it is.

Just like I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Rob Anthony is keen to get people to subscribe for just a bit longer than the 60 day refund period. Because once that has elapsed, if you have problems claiming your money back, there isn’t support from Clickbank. So, you’re simply trying to contact Rob Anthony at an email address that is less than a month old.

Now, that isn’t to say that all of this will happen. I’ll admit that I could be swinging wide here. The vendor behind Goal Betting Formula may well have finally found a genuine tipster service. But on balance of probability, I don’t really think that is likely to be the case. Especially because I’ve seen this sort of thing from them before.

When you put it all together, I am quite confident that I can look at Goal Betting Formula and say that you’ll probably want to give this a miss. With that said, I can see how some people may see it as being worth a punt at £30. Some people will pay £10 per month, just to see if Rob Anthony can deliver close to those claimed results on paper.

To those people, I wish you all the best. I’d love to be proven wrong. But I don’t think that will be the case. The fact is that even putting aside those incredibly serious issues, Goal Betting Formula doesn’t necessarily look that great. And with so many better options out there that are proven to work, I’d rather invest a bit more in that quality than put my money down to simply risky betting.


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