Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits is a sports betting trading system which is operated by Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick. It is a part of the wider Goal Profits website and actually looks to be pretty reasonable.

Introduction to Goal Profits

I’ve always said that I will take a good betting system over a good tipster service any day of the week. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly, I think that it comes down to a few highly interlinked things. There is the fact that you aren’t really relying on anybody else. If a tipster closes down part way through your subscription, that’s just tough luck Secondly, I fully appreciate the fact that a betting system allows you to do things in your own time. Thirdly, there is the fact that once you have a betting system down, it is there for like.

With all of that in mind, I was quite excited to learn about Goal Profits. I was even more surprised to discover that I don’t believe that I’ve actually seen this before. Especially since apparently, it’s been kicking around since 2019. So, why exactly is this such a big discovery? Well, the fact is that Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick have been around for some time. As I say, there is a wider Goal Profits website, and I refer to it on at least a semi regular basis. Sometimes, I guess you can’t see the forest for the trees…

goal-profits-reviewSo, there is ample reasoning in my eyes to be at least a little bit excited before we even start digging into Goal Profits. But when you do start scratching around, things only start to look better. That isn’t something that you can say often. The fact is that as well as experience, Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick have put together a very attractive package here that contains a hell of a lot. Whether or not it is quite worth the money is a question that remains to be answered though. So, with all this in mind, let’s get to it.  

What Does Goal Profits Offer?

One of the things that I absolutely love about Goal Profits is that everything is set out very clearly for you. Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick really talk you through the process, what everything does, how to use everything to your advantage, and so on and so forth. This really does sound like something that you’d expect to be par for the course, but I can tell you from experience, it rather disappointingly isn’t.

Now, talking about everything that is on offer with Goal Profits is an interesting thing. Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick have effectively broken their wider service down into a multitude of different elements, each of which fundamentally does something different, all whilst adding something to the wider experience. And as such, before I talk about the whole, I want to talk about each of those different elements.

When you first sign into Goal Profits, one of the first things that you want to look at is their Launchpad. This has been designed from the ground up to teach you how to trade. It is ideal for beginners and takes you step by step through your first trades. It is really basic stuff, but I have to admit that if I knew nothing, it would be a very solid introduction and should leave anybody more confident in general trading.

What is really good about Launchpad to me though is that once your trial period is over, some of the more complicated trading techniques etc. become available to you as well. This means that everything grows as you do.

As well as this, Goal Profits comes with a comprehensive portfolio of different betting strategies. I don’t know if all of these have come from Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick directly, but it is a genuinely good thing to see. All of them are well grounded and reasonably easy to execute, but importantly, they have the potential to work. Something that you can’t say for a lot of content that comes with betting systems.

All of this is well and good, but it’s probably about time to talk about what is arguably the most important elements of Goal Profits. These are the various tools/pieces of software that Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick provide. There are a few different examples, but all of them help you to streamline your process and make using the aforementioned strategies so much easier.

The key to it all is the Team Stats software. This covers every fixture across more than 60 leagues. As the name suggests, it provides you with access to a wide variety of statistics that you can leverage. Now, the important thing to keep in mind here is that this is just a tool. Whilst it provides insight and information, it isn’t going to give you bets to place.

Actually finding bets can be achieved using a few of the other tools that Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick provide with Goal Profits. Firstly, there is their Custom Shortlist software. This interacts with Team Stats and provides you with filters you can set that highlight betting opportunities. These can be your own developed approaches or based on thew strategies provided.

The other tool is a live stats module. This provides you with stats of games in play, which ultimately, is designed to highlight when teams are actively trying to score goals. Again, this isn’t designed to provide you directly with betting advice, however, if you have followed the training, you can leverage this to produce a profit still.

As well as all of this, Goal Profits also comes with a number of additional features that I believe add value. Firstly, you get access to Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick’s trading workshops. These are… Well, workshops based around trading. These presentations offer full access and allow you to watch trading in real time.

If you find that you are struggling finding trades, Goal Profits also provides you with access to daily trade selections. These are exactly what they say on the tin. Trades selected by Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick that should ( in theory) provide you with an easy profit). This is also helpful though as you can see the outcome of processes and further your own understanding if you are astute.

 The final thing that I want to talk about with Goal Profits is probably one of the more important things to me. Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick host a forum where Goal Profits members can come together to talk about and share their trading experience. If you are new to things, this provides a lot of support and guidance that in the long run should help to make you a better bettor.

How Does Goal Profits Work?

Betting systems are always interesting things to talk about in terms of “how they work”. Because the short answer is invariably the same. They are there to teach you how to become a successful bettor. And that is very true if you look at Goal Profits, but whilst that is very much the bottom line here, there is a little bit more to it that I think warrants mention.

Firstly, let’s talk about the strategies included. Obviously, I won’t be giving away anything in detail here, but I will say this. There isn’t anything ground breaking here. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing either. The fact of the matter is this. The approaches that Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick take are sensible and should produce a long term profit. That might not sui the thrill seekers amongst you, but in my eyes, it is a very welcome thing.

The other thing is that Goal Profits is about more than just the strategies that are provided. A key part is the tools that Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick provided, and these are very good. What they provide you with is the kind of quick and easy access to information that otherwise, you might have to invest a lot of time into. And it is because of this that I view them as being a key part of what you are paying for here.

This leads to a rather interesting dichotomy. Because on the one hand, Goal Profits is a betting system. You should be able to utilise the methodology wherever and whenever. But it does create a bit of a reliance on the tolls provided. I’m not necessarily certain that I see this as being a huge flaw. At the end of the day, you could transpose the tools with manually found data, but that of course requires a lot more work.

What is the Initial Investment?

Signing up to Goal Profits is incredibly affordable. There is a one week trial of the service which is priced at just £1 (plus VAT). This is ample time to have a look through everything in my eyes, even give it a bit of a go to small stakes, and ultimately, decided if it is for you (it’s worth noting that I would probably sign up to this at the start of the week or midweek to give you time to digest, and then have plenty to trade over the weekend).  

Once the trial period has elapsed, there are a few different options available of hugely differing value and outlays. The cheapest option is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39.95 per month (plus VAT). You can get better value with a quarterly option which is priced at £99 per quarter (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can get the best value through signing up for a full year at a cost of £365 (plus VAT).

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to one of the more difficult to discuss things when it comes to Goal Profits. How much money you can expect to earn. Because the fact of the matter is that there isn’t really a set answer to that. It all depends on so many factors that I really wouldn’t like to say how much people might make. What I will say however is that there is genuine potential to make money here.

Conclusion for Goal Profits

As far as betting systems go, Goal Profits isn’t a bad example. In fact, strictly in terms of football betting, I might be inclined to say that it’s a decent thing. However, there are a few qualifications that I want to make relating to this statement. And the first one is by far and away the biggest consideration with Goal Profits in general.

You see, the tools that Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick provide are fantastic. They do exactly what they set out to do, and I don’t doubt their ability to drastically improve your betting. But they also have the minor problem of creating something of a crutch. This means that if you unsubscribe from the service… Well, you lose a big part of what makes the system appealing.

All of that leads to the biggest question that exists with Goal Profits. How willing are you to take on a betting system that doesn’t strictly tick the boxes of a betting system? Now, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that most people are probably going to be fine with this. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that for some people, the fact that it isn’t a traditionally configured betting system would add to the appeal.

And, if I’m honest, as much as I have my personal preferences, I really do get it. By far and away, I think that the biggest barrier for a lot of people who are looking to move on to trading and betting seriously is the time that is required. Not necessarily in so much as sitting at your desk and getting down to business, but all of the time spent learning how to find relevant data, read it, apply it to a strategy. Goal Profits takes a lot of that out of it.

Which really begs the question of whether or not you are willing to pay a premium for convenience. If that is you, then what Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick are doing here is going to be hugely inviting. Ultimately, this is something that you really can get to grips with pretty quickly. And at just £1 to get started for a week, there isn’t really a whole lot of reason not to.

So, let’s wrap this up. Goal Profits is a very well constructed betting system/training course. If you are just getting started, it is especially appealing due to the incredibly vast support network that exists between the forums, Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick themselves, and a customer support team. It also has that factor of a lot of the work being done for you. Honestly, this is worth some serious consideration and, to be fair, has something for pretty much any bettor.

With that said, it is important to keep in mind that you aren’t getting that “evergreen” system that some betting systems can offer, you are pretty tied down, and you are forced into a subscription based payment. If none of that bothers you, you could do a lot worse. But if you’re looking for something that offers true “betting independence”, you may want to look elsewhere.


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