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Goals Galore is a long standing football betting tipster service which is being offered by Premium Sports Tipsters. Selections come courtesy of one Simon Robertson.

Introduction to Goals Galore

Whilst I can wax lyrical about betting, a betting service, about the romanticism of sport, and so on and so forth. Sometimes, it pays to be straight to the point. And you can’t get much more to the point than a headline which claims “£57,000 Profit In 12 Months!”. That is a huge amount of money. So, I was relatively excited when I had my attention drawn towards todays subject. And aside from that incredible profit, there are a lot of potential reasons to be excited about today’s subject.

The fact of the matter is this. I always look forward to seeing something that is a bit different to the norm. Sure, there are some things that work in betting, and they work well. But it can also be difficult finding value there. Especially when it comes to football betting where odds tend to be incredibly tight. But looking at Premium Sports Tipsters’ pitch for Goals Galore, it really looks like they are trying to buck that trend. I mean, Simon Robertson actively says “Don’t Bet On The Wrong Markets”. Frankly, it’s exciting stuff.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the way that a service is marketed and the reality can be very different. And in actual fact, there are a lot of reasons to be concerned about Goals Galore. Things that Simon Robertson and Premium Sports Tipsters are very intentionally missing out of the marketing. Things that, if I’m frank, are very definite deal breakers. So, with a lot of ground to cover here, let’s get straight into it and see just what these problems are.  

What Does Goals Galore Offer?

First things first, I want to start by addressing the logistical elements of Goals Galore. This is because they are genuinely, one of the few strong positives about the service. Not that this comes as a particularly big surprise to me. Premium Sports Tipsters have been in this game for a long time, and Simon Robertson arguably seems to have some idea of what he is doing.

As you would probably expect in this day and age, Goals Galore is an email based service. This means that when selections are available, you can expect them to be sent directly to your inbox. Furthermore, the content is good with advice on placing bets, staking, and what kind of odds are available. But Simon Robertson and Premium Sports Tipsters go above and beyond here and it is something that is genuinely commendable.

Firstly, you also receive selections via a text. For my money, this is incredibly worthwhile as I have lost track of emails from tipsters before. I can receive more than 100 emails a day relating to my work, and sometimes, emails get lost in there. A text message however is hard to miss. Especially if you set up a number exclusively for this kind of thing (which I do).

As well as this, Goals Galore also utilises Telegram. For those who aren’t familiar, it is an app that purports to be the fastest messaging app on the market. This means that you can receive selections without fear of them getting lost (as SMS messages can do), as well giving you that slight edge in terms of getting bets placed.

Now let’s move on to the bets themselves. An area that frankly, is very exciting. Simon Robertson concerns himself exclusively with goals markets. Specifically, he looks at over goals markets. This means typically speaking you will be backing games at over 2.5 goals and over 3.5 goals, however, he goes all the way up to over 6.5 goals on occasion. As well as these, Goals Galore also utilise various accumulators of said bets as well.

Naturally, this means getting some pretty bloody good odds. Something that you don’t tend to see with football betting. On some of the accas and chancier bets, it isn’t uncommon to see odds get into double figures. I can say with confidence that aside from Goals Galore, I haven’t seen many football tipsters that can do this consistently. Here though, the average odds come in at 14.17.

In terms of the volume of bets, I think Goals Galore is probably best described as being very manageable. However, it is like most footballing tipster services in so much as the bets tend to be grouped around weekends. Adding to this is the fact that you are often placing multiple bets on the same game. However, I will say that actual selections seem to be rather selective, which is very much welcome.

Staking wise, as I mentioned, Simon Robertson does send out information on how much to stake when he sends out his tips, but looking at Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing and based off what I’ve seen, this almost exclusively seems to be staking 4 points per bet. On some of the longer shots, you might stake half that, and very occasionally, you might stake just 1 point. Either way, it is hard not to see those numbers as a bit concerning if you hit a long losing streak (just a bit of foreshadowing for you).

In theory, this shouldn’t be a problem with an average strike rate of 17.19% at the time of writing. However, this isn’t reflective of the currente picture at all. Firstly, this is a significant drop on the strike rate of 28.39% which is on the main sales page. More importantly though, it is not reflective of more recent results at all. In actuality, over the last 4 months the average strike rate is just 4.64%. With a high of 7.53% and a low of 1.96%, this is a pretty accurate reflection of what to expect.  

How Does Goals Galore Work?

Simon Robertson and Premium Sports Tipsters talk quiet a bit about his approach to betting. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that much of it provides a whole lot of insight. For example, we are told that he uses his “experience and research of markets and trends to pick out winners and the best bets”. It sounds good, sure, but it doesn’t actually tell us a whole lot of important information.

Elsewhere, there is a vague allusion to finding value. This is something that I think you arguably can see in the average odds for Goals Galore, however, I do also want to say this. Long odds on their own aren’t necessarily indicative of finding value in a bet. The fact is that value means finding where bets have been overpriced. Something that, on occasion, I think is apparent in the proofing.

Really though, I can’t help but feel like a number of Simon Robertson’s bets are quite “obvious” calls. When you look at Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing and see Goals Galore advising Real Madrid vs Alaves, or Barcelona vs Eirbar. Well, they’re both games that you’d expect to see a freely scoring team dominate somebody much smaller. As it happens, both were upsets. But I think it highlights my point. There are some more niche bets on smaller and more esoteric leagues, but I would hazard a guess that there are similar criterion within there too.

Finally, as I always do, I think it’s worth highlighting the fact that Premium Sports Tipsters provide full proofing for Goals Galore. Whilst this doesn’t tell you about how it works, it does mean that you can at least get some insight into what you can expect in the future. Something that is very interesting when you look at the results here.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a number of different options available if you want to sign up to Goals Galore, each with massively differing outlays and value. The cheapest option is a monthly subscription which is priced at £45 per month. What is worthwhile noting is that this figure does include VAT which means it’s relatively reasonably priced.

Representing better value is a quarterly subscription. This is priced at £90 per quarter, however, your first quarter is available at a substantially discounted rate of just £49. Finally, and representing the best value is a 6 monthly subscription. This is priced at £125 every 6 months with your first 6 months costing just £95.

It is worth noting that Premium Sports Tipsters do not offer any sort of refund policy for their services. Personally, I don’t see this as a deal breaker for Goals Galore, nor do I think it counts too much against it. The fact is that by and large, this is pretty much industry standard.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since proofing for Goals Galore started in July 2019, the service has generated a profit of 255.48 points. That isn’t necessarily exceptional, but it isn’t bad either. Unfortunately, the results did close in September at 689.16. This means a loss of 433.68 points in 4 months. That is a huge number and make no mistake. So, whilst Simon Robertson has clearly displayed some ability to produce profits, the recent form suggests otherwise.  

Conclusion for Goals Galore

There is a lot to be said for longer term performance and form. But ultimately, what I think matters most in a tipster service is consistency. Something that categorically isn’t available when you look at Goals Galore. Truth be told, I can’t recall a service that has so immediately suffered a turnaround in results. And that is very concerning.

Here’s the thing. Anybody can have a bad month. Hell, they can have a few bad months. Honestly, all of that is just part and parcel of the betting world. Very few tipsters can consistently produce profit month in, month out, for a year. But this isn’t a few bad months. Let’s reiterate the point that Goals Galore has lost 433.68 points. To £10 stakes, that is £4,336.80 in 4 months.

Would you feel comfortable throwing away almost £1,100 per month? I know I certainly wouldn’t. Would you pay for that privilege? Now, there are a few somewhat mitigating arguments here. Although, they don’t exactly sway my opinion, I do think that they are worth laying out.

Firstly, whilst you are looking at that loss of more than 400 points, the stakes do rather inflate the numbers. Now, you’d still be looking at losing around 100 points, maybe a touch more. But the issue with that is that the one saving grace here, which is the earlier profit, is also drastically cut down too.

Which brings me to the second mitigating factor here. Up until this recent dip in form, Goals Galore has performed well. Premium Sports Tipsters was sat 689.16 points in September. There has been just one losing month (of 10.92 points), and there were winning months making as much as 133.5 points of profit. Simon Robertson’s proofing shows a service that was in a very good place.

So, what went wrong? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. There doesn’t seem to be any one thing. But I do have some thoughts. When this was launched, proofing was up until August. That is the date that is plastered all over the sales material (which I would hasten to add, Premium Sports Tipsters have conveniently failed to update). Now, what I find happens quite often is that once a service goes live, tipsters just seem to bottle it.

I don’t know why this is. I’m not a tipster, nor would I ever claim to be. But it does happen, and honestly, with startling regularity. Whilst I have seen many services struggle after going live, Goals Galore really takes it to a whole new level. And that is really something that is incredibly problematic, because let’s not forget the very obvious point of following a tipster service is to make money.

All of this makes for a service that I simply can’t recommend. There may have been that slow and consistent growth between June 2019 and August 2020, but even then, I don’t think it was great really. Profits were generally around the 40 point per month mark, but the fact that those results are so inflated means that even when Goals Galore was performing well, it wasn’t exceptional.

But honestly, I just don’t see how you can put much weight behind this when the most recent run of results is so abysmal. And it is incredibly frustrating for me to see Simon Robertson still marketing this off those past results. Results that simply aren’t applicable in the current climate Goals Galore exists within. Really, I just see no reason at all to give this much in the way of consideration.  


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