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Goals Gold is a new to market football betting tipster service which is being offered by Matt, in conjunction with the Premium Sports Tipsters stable. Despite being in its infancy, the service shows some promise.

Introduction to Goals Gold

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times by now. Finding value in football betting is a very difficult thing to do. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I believe that there are ultimately a few reasons which I will probably touch on a little later in this review, but if you don’t believe me, just go and look at any bookmakers website now. I’ll wait.

This is a really important thing as if you take your betting seriously at all, you will know that one of the best ways to consistently make any sort of profit is to extract value from bets. That is to say, identify where bookies have perhaps priced something higher that you would expect. And Matt, of Goals Gold, seems to have a real knack for this.

Now, I won’t waste your time too much. This is a very mixed bag with a lot of elements for you to consider, and I will go over all of this. But if you are looking for something “safe” or have very preconceived notions of what football betting should involve, you should look elsewhere. But for the rest of you, let’s have an in depth look at Premium Sports Tipsters’s Goals Gold.

What Does Goals Gold Offer?

When looking at Goals Gold, one of the first things that I notice is that you can almost split the service into two different phases. There is the end of last season, and the beginning of this season. And this is something to keep in mind throughout this review, because the differences, in many respects are quite drastic.

Obviously, I will be focussing on the start of this season mostly (as a likely better indicator of what to come), but there will also be reference to historic results. So, with all of that out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Historically, Goals Gold has been a very selective affair. Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing shows between March and May, just 34 bets were advised. Close to this number have been advised within a month. What this means is that whilst you won’t receive Matt’s selections every day, you can expect to receive them most days.

This of course means betting on a variety of different leagues, ranging from Norway, to Poland, to Greece. But by and large, you can expect the bulk of bets around the weekend, covering English football. So far, this is probably what you would expect from the majority of football tipster services.

The same can be said for the logistics. Premium Sports Tipsters say that bets are emailed out to subscribers several hours before kick off, giving you time to get the best value and have time to place them. I will admit that this isn’t something that will work for everybody, but Goals Gold isn’t the only football tipster service that operates like this.

As well as receiving details of the bets to place, you also get advice on what prices are available from Matt. By and large, these all seem to be pretty attainable, however, as always, Oddschecker goes a long way to ensuring that you are squeezing the most out of your tipster service. This is something that will become important a little later on.

On the subject of bets, this is where you start to get to what makes Goals Gold something a bit different. Ultimately, Matt concerns himself with betting on goals markets. In and of itself, there is nothing new here. However, it is the goals markets that he looks at that are a bit different.

Almost exclusively, Premium Sports Tipsters’ proofing shows that both historic and recent results have been based around betting on 2.5 goals or more, 3.5 goals or more, and even doubles using these markets. This has allowed Goals Gold to bag some pretty hefty winners (including an 8.53 double), as well as odds that are almost never lower that 2.0.

One thing that you really should keep in mind if you are considering Goals Gold is the staking plan that is in place. Premium Sports Tipsters’ proofing shows that the vast majority of bets that are involved are advised to stakes of anywhere from 1 point going as high as 4 points. In and of itself, this wouldn’t be a problem, however just 14 bets haven’t been advised at this higher stake.

That does of course have a knock on effect in terms of the profitability, and the betting bank that you will need. Realistically, I would be looking at 100 points if you want to take advantage of Goals Gold, which would  give you approximately a 22 bet losing streak buffer. This number is something that Premium Sports Tipsters’ proofing shows even come close to so far.

So, this only leaves one real question for me, and that is just how often can you expect to win? There is no strike rate claimed by Premium Sports Tipsters in the sales material, however their proofing does state this quite clearly (which is good). At the time of writing, Goals Gold has an overall average strike rate of around 43%. This is a very decent number given the odds that are involved.

How Does Goals Gold Work?

In terms of how Goals Gold actually works, well, things get a little vague if I’m completely honest. Premium Sports Tipsters say that Matt has “followed all levels of football for as long as [he] can remember”. He also talks about how he uses his experience and research of markets to identify value bets in his chosen markets, which are of course, goals markets. But that is about it really.

Now, I will say that Premium Sports Tipsters provide more information that some tipster stables do for their tipsters selection process. But by the same token, what is said is nothing that couldn’t be figured out from looking at the proofing for the service. As such, I am loathe to put too much emphasis on this really providing any insight.

With that said, full proofing does go some way to mitigating this lack of information. The fact of the matter is that Premium Sports Tipsters do give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect from Goals Gold (a topic that I want to get to a little later on), and as such, it is hard to argue that you will be going in blind to this.

Ultimately, I believe that as a consumer, you should always be able to make an informed decision on what you are getting into. Goals Gold just about toes this line, however I will always advocate people having more information to make an informed decision about whether a tipster service is for them or not.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options that are available for those who wish to subscribe to Goals Gold. The first of these is a monthly subscription which, naturally, comes with the lowest initial outlay. Premium Sports Tipsters and Matt are asking just £35 per month in order to receive selections.

What is rather naughtily hidden away though is that a month here is every 28 days, meaning you will pay this 13 times in a year. This is highlighted once you get to the payment screen (with payment being handled via Paypal), but this kind of information should probably be more prominently featured.   

The next option is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £70 every 3 months (and this is actually every 3 months). Finally, Premium Sports Tipsters offer a “Season Ticket” which is priced at £125. This, as the name suggests, gets you selections for the full 10 months of the English football season.

Now, it should be noted that none of these options appear to come with any money back guarantee. Premium Sports Tipsters don’t mention anything and because Goals Gold is sold through Paypal, you don’t have a lot of discourse getting a refund on this kind of product. There is however an offer whereby whichever subscription you choose, your first month (28 days) will cost you just £9.97.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the big one with Goals Gold which is the profitability of the service. As mentioned, ultimately, this is a rather new service, and as such, things are rather muted looking at a glance. Since March of this year (the end of last season), Goals Gold has made a 74.64 point profit. That isn’t bad over 5 months, but nor is it particularly prolific.

Since August, there has been a profit of 32.12 points. Now, that sounds good, I will admit. However, and this is a strong however. The bulk of this (some 24 points) has been down to a strong start in September.

Furthermore, when looking at these results, you should also factor in the fact that they are based off stakes of predominantly 4 points per bet. Whilst I don’t believe that the intention was to artificially inflate the profitability, there is no getting around the fact that the stakes do inflate those results.  

Conclusion for Goals Gold

Having looked over all of Goals Gold, I’m unfortunately not quite convinced by what is on offer here. I wanted to really like the service. Premium Sports Tipsters are finding their feet and I love to champion decent new tipsters. But there is just too much here that I find to be off putting.

It isn’t even so much the service, if I’m honest. In and of itself, it isn’t terrible. It isn’t the most exciting thing that I’ve seen either, but if boring is making good money, then that is fine by me. In fact, I would actually prefer a boring tipster service that made me money than an exciting one.

But, and this is the bottom line of Goals Gold as far as I’m concerned. It just isn’t really making money. Yes, there has been a decent profit, but as mentioned, that is off the back of a few particularly good days (with no losses). If there is a return to form over September, you can expect this number to diminish quite a lot.

In fact, if you want to actually scale your stakes to a level stake of 3 points per bet (which is being incredibly generous with an actual number likely very close to 4), then you are looking at less than 11 points so far this season. And honestly, I don’t think that is a reasonable thing to do as not everybody will be staking as high as Premium Sports Tipsters recommend.

All of this may not be considered fair to Goals Gold though. They do ultimately recommend those stakes and if you are betting to 1 point rather than 4, then that is your choice and on you. But I still want to come back to the fact that the best case scenario for this season is that August made about 8 points of profit. That isn’t a lot by any stretch of the imagination.

Sometimes, there isn’t a lot to say about a service. The bottom line speaks for itself and I think that this is one of those occasions. Even in the best case scenario and looking at those full 74 points of profit, Goals Gold just hasn’t really made that much. It certainly hasn’t produced as much as some comparable tipster services.

Credit where credit is due, Matt and Premium Sports Tipsters have actually made a profit. That isn’t something that is easy to achieve. But sometimes, you really have to place a service or product into the context of its peers in order to truly understand how well it has performed. And when you do this with Goals Gold, I just don’t think it is competitive.

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