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Gold Digger Review

Gold Digger is a Facebook tool from Chris McNeeny and Ken Oboh for analysing Facebook fan pages with a view to understanding how much money they will potentially spend.

What does the product offer?

Gold Digger allows users to assess the commercial value in providing targeted marketing to different Facebook fan pages. Chris McNeeny and Ken Oboh claim that Gold Digger allows you to generate “ultra targeted” traffic that ultimately helps you pay less per “click” to your website. Gold Digger works for any niche and can even be used to weigh up your competition. Chris McNeeny and Ken Oboh also provide a series of training videos to help you get to grips with the new software.

How does the product work?

Chris McNeeny and Ken Oboh provide quite an in depth report on how Gold Digger works but I will outline it here anyway. You start by looking for your key word on Facebook and adding fan pages to Gold Digger. From here you enter keywords related to your product. Gold Digger then shows you how many people use these words and also uses 12 different metrics to show you how many users in a fan page share content and how they do it. This allows you to target fan pages that will maximise your exposure.

What is the initial investment?

Despite a claimed value of over $400, Gold Digger is actually for sale for just $37. I can’t help but feel that this is a cynical ploy by the creators to create the sense of getting something for less. Gold Digger also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t really explored but being entirely realistic, Gold Diggers is a traffic generation tool and therefore won’t directly make you money. That having been said, I feel that with a good product and the right marketing you should be able to make your money back easily enough.

Gold Digger is an interesting product and if it works entirely as advertised is an invaluable tool. The “problem” with Gold Digger lies in the fact that it is only as good as the product you are selling though. Otherwise this is something that seems to work and shows promise in improving traffic to your website for a reasonably fair price.

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From: Simon Roberts