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Gold Digger Trading System Review

The Gold Digger Trading System is a relatively new piece of software for trading binary options allegedly created by Antony and Ronald, two Russian rocket engineers.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material for Gold Digger Trading System, it is the world’s first automated gold trading robot. The reality however seems to be rather different to this however. Allegedly, Gold Digger Trading System started life known as a Forex trading robot called GPS Robot that in 9 years didn’t have a losing month. This was then developed into a commodity trading robot that was allegedly used by various hedge fund operators. This has ultimately become Gold Digger Trading System which Ronald and Antony have released to the general public to trade based on “Forex leverage market” which allows you to trade with “400 times the capital at your disposal”. It is worth noting that in order to make use of Gold Digger Trading System you do have to make a deposit through a chosen binary broker which at the time of writing is Banc de Binary and OptionStars.

How does the product work?

Gold Digger Trading System claims that by leveraging your deposit, the system is able to produce massive profits because it is essentially trading with more money per trade. According to Antony and Ronald, this means that you do not need to make as many successful trades to meet a decent income. Interestingly, despite the name and the way it is sold, Gold Digger Trading System doesn’t just trade gold but seems to trade silver and various currencies as well.

What is the initial investment?

Antony and Ronald say that they are not giving Gold Digger Trading System away for free and this is technically correct as they say that they will take a 1 cent commission for each successful trade that their software makes. There are however other costs associated as you have to make a minimum deposit with the broker which is usually around the $250 mark.

What is the rate of return?

Since April this year, Gold Digger Trading System has allegedly made over $1.2 million through trading binary options.


It has been a while since I have had a binary options product land on my proverbial doorstep but I am not at all surprised to find that nothing has changed. This kind of operation is well known for the somewhat dubious ground it occupies with any binary options product not being monitored by the FCA and most brokers being based outside of the gambling commissions jurisdiction.

This means that unscrupulous marketers produce these products that promise guaranteed big money with little to know work with them receiving a cut of any deposits that their customers put into the brokers. On top of this there is very little evidence that Gold Digger Trading System and its ilk actually work (despite the seemingly massive amounts od “evidence” used in sales pages). Personally I haven’t yet seen an example of binary options trading software that does work and Gold Digger Trading System doesn’t seem to be any different.



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From: Simon Roberts