Gold Speculator Review

Gold Speculator is a new product from Jim Rickards and Agora Lifestyles in which he shows people methods of investing in gold that he claims has the potential to generate substantial returns.

What does the product offer?

Gold Speculator is a very interesting proposition with Jim Rickards aiming to completely alter how you invest in the precious metal. With speculation that gold will reach prices of $10,000 per ounce, he says, there is no better time to start investing than now. What is interesting and of note about Gold Speculator is that it isn’t concerned with investing in the metal per se, rather other ways that you can leverage this price increase to profit.

In terms of what exactly you get with Gold Speculator, you are given details of 4 different companies that have been identified via what Jim Rickard refers to as his MIDAS system (mining information to develop assets and secure gold production).

You also get full access to upcoming recommendations, weekly gold updates and updates on the portfolio itself.

How does the product work?

Rather than looking at gold itself, Gold Speculator is mostly concerned with companies that either search for gold or that produce gold. Much of the information comes courtesy of Jim Rickards not inconsiderable experience trading in gold.

There is also a silent partner who is supposedly an expert in the field who has an in with various gold companies and the like. By combining their knowledge and their contacts, they say that Gold Speculator can help you to profit through investment.

Jim Rickards also says that he will not issue details of a company unless they’ve discussed the company with his “specialty equity analyst network”, talked with the management of the company and verified their assets and analysed the income potential.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Gold Speculator is available for £997 which is a not inconsiderable amount of money (although the claimed “usual” price is £2,497). This gets you a 1 year subscription to Gold Speculator updates.

When you buy Gold Speculator Agora Lifestyles offer you 60 days to trial the product during which you can claim a full refund if you find that it isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for Gold Speculator is very substantial with gains predicted in excess of 300% however there are absolutely no guarantees with this kind of thing. To credit Jim Rickards however, these are genuinely doable.


I have been somewhat sceptical of Jim Rickards claims of “currency wars” for some time now, however I am less doubtful of his knowledge of gold. Whilst gold hasn’t been as stable as it once was and this has had a knock on mining, there is still a lot of money to be made with the kind of companies that Gold Speculator looks at.

The question that I have with Gold Speculator is really whether or not it is worth almost £1,000 per year. This depends mostly on how much you have to invest. If you have a substantial amount ready to invest and no idea what to do with it, then Gold Speculator may help you out, but this isn’t something that will suit most people.


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