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Gold Turf Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by the Racing Masters website. It is a relatively new service which boasts some potentially very strong results.

Introduction to Gold Turf Racing

One of my favourite things in this line of work is being able to look at a service and just not have to deal with BS. Honestly, I have spent so much time watching 20 minute videos in which some very obvious actor reads a script written by an internet marketer it is unreal.

They always want you to buy into some Del Boy “Geezer” character who is inevitably connected in dodgy ways, or some plummy old boy with a blazer on pretending he once owned stables.

Gold Turf Racing does none of this and honestly, it is a massively refreshing change. It is really straight forward in terms of what is on offer. In fact, the Racing Masters team sum it up nicely in a single sentence. “Gold Turf Racing is a racing service that highlights potential regular, consistent winners!”.

Even there, I like that Racing Masters highlight that they aim for potential winners. There are no BS claims (which is more than can be said for most services) and ultimately, this works in Gold Turf Racing’s favour. So with very realistic expectations, can they be delivered on?  

What Does Gold Turf Racing Offer?

As I have hinted at rather strongly so far, Gold Turf Racing is a very straight forward tipster service. Racing Masters send out their selections Sunday through Friday and these go directly to subscribers email. All tips are issued before 12pm each day which gives you enough time to get bets placed each morning.

This won’t however be something that is attainable for everybody which is a shame. The content of the emails sent through Gold Turf Racing are all pretty reasonable with plenty of information to get bets placed. Oddchecker and BOG will really help you to maximise your profits here,

In terms of the bets themselves, Gold Turf Racing is not a service that lends itself to frivolity. The bets that are sent out through Racing Masters are a combination of single and double bets with plenty more of the former than the latter.

The volume of bets is a varied affair, but by and large you will not be overwhelmed, not a bad thing given that selections can sometimes be sent out somewhat late. As you would expect from a service that involves betting on both single and double bets, there is a fair old range when it comes to the odds that you will be beting at.

There is a staking plan in place for Gold Turf Racing and it is, as you would probably expect from everything so far, simplicity is the name of the game. All bets are advised to be backed to 1 point stakes. It is worth noting that I don’t recall seeing a recommended betting bank from Racing Masters, however you could arguably get away with 50 points here, although 100 would be preferential. This is because Gold Turf Racing does have some up and down months.

This of course leads me to the strike rate. This currently stands at 21.35% which is taken from the very end of August to December last year. For 2019, Gold Turf Racing stands at just 13.3%. Now, it is worth noting that these numbers from something of a summarised results page.

This of course means that Racing Masters do not provide full proofing for Gold Turf Racing, something which I think becomes more problematic for reasons I want to explore below.  

How Does Gold Turf Racing Work?

So far, I have banged on about simplicity being great, and I will stand by this fact. The best thing that a tipster service can be is transparent as even services that appear to lose money can demonstrate a plan that can ultimately turn a profit. Unfortunately, Gold Turf Racing is simple, however it is pretty far from transparent.

We are told by Racing Masters that they aim for consistent wins, but there is no information about what exactly they are doing to achieve this. There is no getting around that this is a bit of a problem.

Picking up my thread from the proofing side of things, it isn’t even like you can look at a large amount of data and from this, extrapolate anything meaningful. Given the disparity of the claimed results, that only helps to compound the problem for me.

They are a little bit everywhere and with no understanding of Gold Turf Racing as a service, it is hard to say whether the big wins are all fluke or whether it is down to some degree of design.

What is the Initial Investment?

Racing Masters have just one option in place for those who wish to subscribe to Gold Turf Racing. This s a £30 per month subscription fee. All payment is handled directly via Paypal with no money back guarantee or the like being in place. This is however rather common place for independent tipster services and so doesn’t count too much against Gold Turf Racing.

What is the Rate of Return?

By the end of 2018, Gold Turf Racing had produced a profit of 77.64 points. Given that the service didn’t really start proper until September, I don’t think that this is necessarily a terrible result. Scaled up to a full 12 months, this kind of figure would equate to an annual profit of almost  240 points per year.

That isn’t a terrible profit by any stretch of the imagination.

Furthermore, I should point out that the results that Racing Masters have posted for Gold Turf Racing are all based on starting prices. This means that the results are definitely attainable. It also means that there is significantly more room for profit if you were to take advantage of a BOG bookmaker or even Oddschecker.

Conclusion on Gold Turf Racing

Honestly, I am not certain where I stand on Gold Turf Racing at this point. In part, I think that this is down to two key reasons.

Firstly, there is the fact that the service has simply not been around for that long. 4 months of results is better than the proverbial kick in the head, but I also think that it is a country mile away from presenting a genuine idea of what I personally like to see before I considering investing. It is pretty easy to hide a bad product for a few months, a fact I know all too well having seen it before.

Now this isn’t to say that Gold Turf Racing is some kind of con service. I actually think the polar opposite of this if I’m completely honest. I think that the Racing Masters team are genuine enough, although this does being me neatly to the next concerning element of Gold Turf Racing in my opinion.

Essentially, this is the fact that the proofing has suddenly stopped. I can’t think of many good reasons why you would proof a service for 4 months and then suddenly stop. Either the results for Gold Turf Racing have changed or there is something happening behind the scenes with the Racing Masters team. Neither thing bodes well in my opinion.

All of this is quite a shame as honestly, I really wanted to like this service. Sure, it hasn’t necessarily produced mind blowing profits, but Gold Turf Racing has still produced a pretty respectable profit.

On top of this, it is smack bang where I would expect a tipster service of this nature to be price wise. Finally, the wider results are actually pretty good. I know that profit wise Gold Turf Racing is perhaps not the strongest service on the market, but there appear to be some solid underpinnings (key word being appear).

So with this in mind, would I recommend the service?

I don’t think I would quite yet. This is one that should definitely be watched, but here and now, I am not quite convinced it is worthwhile investing in.  



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From: Simon Roberts