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Golf Bet Gold Review

Golf Bet Gold is a sports tipster service operated by the Betfan group that as the name suggests is based around golf tipping. Whilst there is no named tipster, I suspect that it may be Simon Holden.

What does the product offer?

Golf Bet Gold is a tipster service that provides subscribers with weekly selections for golf games from across the world Selections are sent out each Sunday and offer a detailed breakdown of what bets you are backing, how you are backing them and where the odds can be obtained. Volume wise, Golf Bet Gold can offer as many as 30 tips for a week with staking that is hugely specific but ultimately goes up to 5 points for a single bet although this figure is definitely a rarity. Bets are usually each way however there are also some win bets. There is unfortunately no strike rate provided for Golf Bet Gold however the service has had just 1 losing month in 12.

How does the product work?

According to the promotional material for Golf Bet Gold, the creator of the system has 15 years of betting experience with golf as a sport but outside of this there is unfortunately very little in the way of tangible explanation. There is a mention of data and statistical analysis however when this is offset by referring to “gut instinct”, it hardly makes for a scientific basis.

What is the initial investment?

Golf Bet Gold is sold on a 28 day subscription basis at £50 as well as a longer 90 day subscription which will cost £75. There is no real money back guarantee in place outside of the usual Betfan affair which states that refunds are not generally offered however they will consider any requests.

What is the rate of return?

In the 12 months since it launched, Golf Bet Gold has produced an overall points profit of 732.88 however this figure is currently showing a decline for the month of July unfortunately.


Before Golf Bet Gold, Betfan had a golfing service operated by one Simon Holden which was branded as Golf Bet Profits. Unfortunately, this service now appears to have been taken down by Betfan and is no longer available however I have good reason to suspect that this is essentially the same service. There are a number of similarities in terms of the copy, the style of writing and the references to claimed previous bets. Furthermore, Simon Holden has popped up since Golf Bet Profits closed down affiliating himself with Betfan.

My best guess is that the old service wasn’t working out so Betfan have changed the name and rebranded the service where to be fair, it has enjoyed as period of success. This means that the question is how long can Golf Bet Gold keep up the positive form? Personally, I’m not convinced that it will be for that long and at £50 a month, the costs are far too high for what is on offer. With that in mind, I’d avoid Golf Bet Gold.



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From: Simon Roberts