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Golf Profiteer Review

Golf Profiteer is a golf tipping service that is operated by a tipster referred to only as Carl that claims to use his knowledge to bet in very specific markets.

What does the product offer?

According to Carl, Golf Profiteer is a highly specialised tipster service that claims to work in the “wonderful sport” of Golf. The service provides selections for the majority of tournaments across the UK and US with Carl claiming that he has personally attended “several”. Golf Profiteer provides selections 6 days a week with the staking plan advised when you choose to sign up. Odds for Golf Profiteer are varied but are predominantly focused on value which means you can expect your share of longer odd bets however these will typically be advised as each way. In terms of numbers, there is rather disappointingly (and yet somehow not surprisingly) no proofing provided. This is despite the fact that Carl has been betting for over 15 years allegedly.

How does the product work?

It is actually rather interesting that whilst there is very little about the service, Carl does provide a wealth of information about his selection process. As well as a number of alleged contacts on both Major Tours, Carl seems to draw on his “natural flair for golfing profits” as well as mental and physical ratings that can also be compared with ratings for particular courses etc.

What is the initial investment?

Golf Profiteer is currently being sold on the basis of an annual membership which costs just £19. Whilst there is a 60 day money back guarantee allegedly offered (at least there is a banner to this effect) the payment is handled via a private PayPal account so you would have to claim this directly from the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

Interestingly enough there aren’t actually any claims in terms of how much you can expect to earn. Instead the focus is on a list of choice examples of long shot bets coming in going as high as 100/1. These clearly aren’t however typical results.


The first thing that struck me about Golf Profiteer was the copywriting which I am certain that I have seen before. Whilst the webpage is no longer up, there are reviews that quote from a failed Betfan golfing service, Golf Bet Profits and there are more than one choice phrases that are verbatim identical including references to the system being operational since 2013.

This combined with a huge number of problems such as a lack of any money back guarantee and no proofing sets alarm bells ringing. Furthermore, whilst the copy refers to 2013 being a good year, the website that hosts Golf Profiteer was only launched at the start of this year.

Furthermore, payment takes you to a Paypal screen via a website that deals with oil and gas investment. All of this simply doesn’t fit together to present a genuine tipster service. With all of this in mind I would recommend giving Golf Profiteer a miss. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest it works and whilst it is only £20, this is money that would be much better in your pocket than the marketer behind this.



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Its Pure CRAP!!! Theys ent me an email about a guy tipping Midjtylland to beat Liverpool 2-1 that landed at 21/1. This supposedly came from a Liverpool supporter who was gutted that hie tam lost with the tip. Guess what? He can tbe much of supporter as Midjtylland were playing and beat MANUTD!!!!!!.
Pure chancers

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