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GolfbetsGold is a relatively long standing golf tipster service which is operated by Martin Colwell and Cleeve Racing. To date, the service has produced some pretty decent looking results.

Introduction to GolfbetsGold

I have never really hidden the fact that I will, generally speaking, always prefer a betting system to a tipster service. However, that doesn’t mean that tipster services do not have their place in the world. And one area where they can be of particular benefit is when you just aren’t that into a subject So, if you can find somebody who can just send you betting advice that is profitable for a small fee… Well, that’s a pretty good trade off. Especially when you are dealing with a more niche sport.

Which of course brings me to today’s subject, GolfbetsGold. Now, golf tipsters aren’t something that you come across every day. In fact, over the years, I think I’ve only seriously looked at a small handful. But they undoubtedly carry the potential for some very significant profit, all whilst adding some excitement (that in my opinion is much needed) to the game. And with plenty of long odds betting and a very intriguing staking plan in place, this looks like the idea service to deliver that. Especially because Martin Colwell has some big plans for 2021.  

So, you might be thinking, this is a definite winner then. Well, as always, there are considerations that you have to make with a tipster service. Whilst there are undoubtedly some strong positives to GolfbetsGold, I don’t necessarily think that this is going to be guaranteed plain sailing. In actual fact, whilst the results aren’t bad, the proofing that Martin Colwell and Cleeve Racing show that there are some very definite trends. So, let’s get right into it and see whether or not GolfbetsGold is able to deliver.

What Does GolfbetsGold Offer?

As is so often the way when it comes to a tipster service for golf, GolfbetsGold isn’t necessarily a straightforward thing. This of course ends up having a significant effect on a number of different elements of the service. Now to be clear, this isn’t a criticism at all. However, I do think that it is important with something like this to ensure that your expectations are managed.

So, first things first, let’s talk about the logistical elements. Because this is where I think that most people will probably find their first surprises. Especially if they aren’t used to betting on golf. Ultimately, I think that it is probably best to describe GolfbetsGold as a weekly tipster service. In actual fact, Martin Colwell makes this same reference saying that he sends out tips on a weekly basis, typically on a Tuesday.

But that isn’t where it ends though, because one of the big changes for 2021 is a move towards a lot more in play betting as well. Now, I’ll talk about this a bit more later on, but it doesn’t mean “drop everything and bet immediately”. Instead, these in play bets (which are received through the week as necessary) are designed to steer the ship, so to speak, as well as add additional profit where there is opportunity.

In all cases, you receive plenty of information from Martin Colwell about what you are betting on. Importantly, this includes advice on odds. These odds are generally available through traditional bookies for outright selections. Meanwhile, the tournament match bets are generally only available on an exchange. This isn’t a huge deal though at all in my opinion.

Now, let’s talk about the bets themselves. There are a number of different betting markets available when it comes to golf, however, there is a clear focus on value with this service. This means that the vast majority of what you will be betting on are each way bets. In gold betting terms, this means backing a player to win a tournament or to place in it. The in play bets advised through GolfbetsGold tend to take advantage of a wider range of markets, as you would expect. There are even occasional lay bets.

As I mentioned, a big part of the appeal for golf betting is long odds betting. And that is definitely on show when you look at GolfbetsGold. For example, in January alone, there have been bets advised all the way up to 125/1. There have been bets placing at odds of 25/1, 30/1, and 40/1. Historically, there have even been winners at 125/1. Obviously, when these land, it is a pretty big deal. By the same token though, you can see bets at very low numbers too.

Whilst I am on the topic of bets, I want to talk about the volume of bets that are available. Because GolfbetsGold is a weekly affair, there can be a fair old number of bets advised over the course of a week. However, I do think that Martin Colwell does a good job of keeping this manageable with Cleeve Racing’s proofing generally showing no more than about 10 bets per week. This may seem intimidating, but breaking it down, you’re generally averaging about 1 bet per day.

With all of that said, let’s talk stakes. Because this is an area that mixes things up a lot, as you would probably expect from a service with such varied odds. Generally speaking, you will be staking anywhere from 1 point (usually half a point each way) on a bet, all the way up to 5 points on a bet (usually when you’re backing very clear favourite bets). This is all relatively well balanced out.

In terms of a strike rate, unfortunately, no real information is provided. Now, Martin Colwell and Cleeve Racing do provide proofing (as mentioned), but it is in a less than ideal format. I have however taken the liberty of carrying out some rough calculations and you can expect a win and/or place strike rate of around 27%. Honestly, that isn’t terrible all things considered.  

How Does GolfbetsGold Work?

One of the things that really stands out to me about GolfbetsGold is how transparent Martin Colwell actually is about how everything works. And there is a lot to cover here really. First things first, we are told that his background is as an accountant and auditor. Furthermore, he has supposedly been betting on golf for many years and publishing tips for free on Twitter and RacingtoProfit forums since 2017. So, there is definite experience.

As well as this, there is a strong component based around the wider approach with GolfbetsGold. Basically, Martin Colwell likes to back what he feels is a very strong shout for a tournament, even if this means not necessarily getting the best value. The idea here is that this likely winner allows you to invest a little bit more in the outlying bets as you should, in theory, get at least something back. All of this is based off the suitability of players to the course, recent form, even things that are going on in their personal lives that might cause a dip in performance.

All of this allows Martin Colwell to identify where bookies have overpriced an outsider. Something that he says is surprisingly common (and is a recurring theme I see with golf betting). The theory goes that bookies prefer to focus their odds around big names as that is where the more casual punter is going to put their money. As such, they are often misrepresented in terms of value. This allows outlying players to still get some big odds assigned to them.

And the crème de la crème for me is a report that Martin Colwell provides on the GolfbetsGold website. This talks about where the service is now, and what the expectations are for the upcoming year. Honestly, I’ve never really seen this from a tipster service, but it is a very welcome thing identifying upcoming challenges, what changes have been made to the approach, and how they can facilitate more profit. In my eyes, it is a bit of a game changer.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to GolfbetsGold, there is just one option available. This is a monthly subscription which is priced at £36 per month, inclusive of VAT. Honestly, that really isn’t too bad compared to some services on the market. Especially considering a lot of tipsters will try and charge £40 – £50 per month with VAT on top of that.

Unfortunately, Martin Colwell and Cleeve Racing do not offer any sort of money back guarantee on the service. However, it is worth noting that when you sign up (at the time of writing) you get your first month for just £10 (although this doesn’t include VAT). This trial period gives you a good amount of time to figure out if GolfbetsGold is for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Martin Colwell talks about the fact that his aim for each year is to produce 100 points of profit. And this is, in my opinion, arguably the biggest bone of contention when it comes to GolfbetsGold. Now, don’t get me wrong in the slightest, 100 points of profit isn’t bad. But it’s also just 8.3 points per month. Compared to some services, that just isn’t great.  

Another consideration in my opinion is the distribution of points. If you look at how GolfbetsGold has performed, it currently sits at a profit of 177.84 points since January 2019. Given that there were 3 months off because of Covid, Martin Colwell is about in line with where he would aim to be. However, the service was at some 230 points in July last year. Since then, the numbers dropped down to around the 180 mark and stayed there, despite some fluctuation.

Conclusion for GolfbetsGold

I feel like this is going to sound like I’m really coming after GolfbetsGold here, so I want to qualify pretty much everything I’m about to say by saying that I do think that this is a pretty decent tipster service that has a lot of strong positive underlying elements. Which of course leads me to the inevitable however…

The biggest issues that come from GolfbetsGold for me, really, comes down to the profit expectations. I’m all for the fact that any profit is a good thing, but really, GolfbetsGold hasn’t “made” a profit for a good few months. Peaking at 232.52 points on the 9th of July 2020, things have only gone downhill. By the 20th of August, it was at 177.93 points. And here we are some 5 months later, and in the almost exact same position.

Now, that might not be a terrible outcome if GolfbetsGold were free, but let’s not forget that you also have the cost of subs on their too. And whilst you aren’t looking at a massive amount, in the grand scheme of things, it is if you’re betting to moderate stakes. At £10 stakes, you’d be 18 points down by this point. Just on the cost of subs.

And that brings me to another issue that I have. For a second, let’s just pretend that Martin Colwell is able to deliver that 100 points like clockwork. The 8.3 points per month that you’re taking home, if you are using those £10 stakes (which is what I tend to use as a measure of how most people will bet), factoring in your subs, you’re looking at actual take home profit of less than £50 per month. I can tell you here and now that your money can go much further elsewhere.

So, does this mean that I wouldn’t look to recommend GolfbetsGold? Unfortunately, I am a little bit forced to in its current state. However, and this is a good however, I wouldn’t write it off entirely. Because I really do believe that Martin Colwell is probably onto something pretty good here. It is clear that he understands golf, he knows what needs to be done to change up his service to increase the profitability, and importantly he is willing to follow through on this.

With all of that out there, I do think this is something that is really worth keeping half an eye on if you’re looking for a golf tipster service. Because whilst I don’t think that it is where it needs to be now, I do think that there is bags of potential here. Martin Colwell and Cleeve Racing just need to figure everything out. And to be fair to them, this isn’t something that is unique to this service. Covid has impacted a lot of people’s betting systems etc. When everything is figured out, I would expect some much improved performance though.


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