Goliath Goals Gain Review

Goliath Goals Gain is a football betting system offered by Steve Davidson. It involves betting on Domestic and European football.

What does the product offer?

Goliath Goals Gain is a betting system that allows you to make selections that Steve Davidson claims will prove profitable. Goliath Goals Gain involves betting on all the main domestic leagues from the Premiership down to League Two whilst also covering La Liga and the Bundesliga. It also appears that there may be bets for European football too. Goliath Goals Gain comes as downloadable guide that is unfortunately only windows compatible.

How does the product work?

As is often the case with Steve Davidson’s products, there is nothing stated about how Goliath Goals Gain actually works. He says that each game will have 5 bets to be placed but there is nothing outside of this. My guess is that Goliath Goals Gain will take advantage of different bet types to maximise profit, especially given the fact that Goliath Goals Gain is very selective about games. This is all however speculative and rather disappointing to me as you are expected to make a blind purchase based on some statistics that he claims makes Goliath Goals Gain profitable. My concern is that these results go back to August 2013 which makes me wonder if they are back tested.

What is the initial investment?

Goliath Goals Gain is on the expensive side costing £59.97 for access which is advertised as a limited time price. Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee or refund policy.

What is the rate of return?

Steve Davidson claims that Goliath Goals Gain has made a total profit of 1,127 points profit last season. This includes one minor losing month.


I am not overly impressed with Goliath Goals Gain, not least of which is down to the fact that you are expected to go into this blind. Whilst the results are there for all to see I remain somewhat skeptical without further proofing. As with all Steve Davidson’s products there is a certain amount of risk involved and whilst this sometimes can prove to be an unfounded concern (Steve Davidson has actually released some very good products), in the main users are left wanting and I feel that Goliath Goals Gain will be another example of this.

I would personally avoid this one.



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From: Simon Roberts