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Google AdSense Profits Review

Google AdSense Profits is a training manual for Google AdSense offered by Mario P.

What does the product offer?

Google AdSense Profits comes in the form of a 14 page eBook and covers the basics about AdSense and how to make the most of it. The training itself seems to be very broad and aimed more at people who have no knowledge of AdSense and how it works. Mario P. says that with the training he provides you can get a slice of the AdSense pie.

How does the product work?

To the few people who may not know AdSense is Google’s proprietary advertising program. It allows users to place ads on their website and get paid for this. Google AdSense Profits offers users a look at the workings of AdSense and how to implement it in an easy to access style. This may prove beneficial but more than likely only to those who are completely new to AdSense.

What is the initial investment?

Mario P. has made Google AdSense Profits available for the exceptionally low price of just $2.95. There is also 90 day guarantee in place whereby if you show Mario P. what you have done and don’t feel you have benefited he will refund you the cost.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any rates of return discussed for Google AdSense Profits and being a training course results are likely to be qualitative rather quantitative.


Most of the information available in Google AdSense Profits is available elsewhere. That is the first thing to keep in mind when purchasing. In fact most of this information is provided by Google themselves in some form or another. This leaves me wondering what market Mario P. is aiming Google AdSense Profits at. Normally if a product is cheap I am the first person to endorse giving it the proverbial college try, but when somebody is trying to charge you for something you can get for free that rule no longer applies.



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From: Simon Roberts