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Google Sniper 3 Review George Montagu Brown

Launched by George Brown, Google Sniper 3 is about to be launched, as a follow up to the first two sniper products.

What does the product offer?

Google Sniper has been out since 2009, and offers users the chance to make affiliate payments using strategies and techniques which once worked to rank websites on Google. Admittedly, this used to work pretty well, but search engines have since changed the rules, and Google now have filters to stop most of the so-called ‘loopholes’ that Sniper first taught. Looking at the video George Brown shown to existing customers recently, it looks like a very similar offering to the first courses.

How does the product work?

The Sniper product works basically by relying on the fact that Google ‘USED’ to allow first page preference to domain names that had specific keywords in the domain name itself. For example, if you wanted to promote wild green eggs, you would register ‘’, and Google would give a high search engine position to that website. THIS NO LONGER WORKS!, and Google have built a filter into their algorithm to stop marketers from abusing the results in this way.

What is the initial investment?Google Sniper 3 George Brown

The investment is $49, falsely brought down from stating the price was ‘higher’ previously, when it was not, and never was a higher price.

What is the rate of return?

There are no guarantees of profit, and we don’t expect this to change, for the simple reason, that much of what is taught by George Brown on the Sniper course does not work in todays internet.


The conclusion on this one is simple. You will see very many marketers promoting this one to try and make an affiliate commission from it – we are not going to do that, and build the product up just so we can make a commission; but the problem is, that only last year George Brown offended many people with his Predator launch, which was a scraping tool for Craigslist which did not work as advertised, with very many people struggling to gain a refund.

Therefore, and based on the fact that the fundamental ‘technique’ that Sniper 3 teaches no longer works anywhere near as well, we cannot recommended this product.



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From: Simon Roberts