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GoVype Discount Codes Reviews

GoVype Discount Codes Reviews

Govype are a relatively new company and entry into the electronic cigarette market. In fact we only heard about them recently. But then again, there are so many new entries into this market it is difficult to keep count, but this one caught our eye due to the fact that there was a tweet about it from no other than Alan Sugar.

Anyway, are GoVype worth using, and are their ecigs any good?

The GoVype Review will follow shortly, although if you need to know an electronic cigarette company that is getting rave reviews – click here


We cannot find any discount codes for GoVype yet, but the link above will show you how to save 15% off all your electronic cigarette supplies, and offer a truly enviable range, too. Take a look at the link today.GoVype Discount Codes

On a very first look at GoVype there main selection is the ‘lookalike’ type of ecigs that most people use for entry level, and on previous experience those type of batteries simply do not last that long. Maybe they will expand their range at some point, otherwise they will probably find that people may take up their free offer (although even with their free offer, you still have to pay postage, so not totally free!) then switch to companies that offer a more fuller range, and batteries that last.

Unfortunately, there is becoming too much competition in this market, which has it’s positives, and negatives, but with such a potentially lucrative market, there will be winners and losers, which is why we can only recommend companies that have already been around for a few years, and who have customers already singing their praises, like in the link highlighted in red above.





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Comments (3)

I have now tasted govype ecigs, which was NOT free, you had to pay silly postage, but anyway, the taste was AWFUL.

I mean, I have tried most of these elec ciggies but this one was the worst by far!

Looking to convert from real cigs are seen the advert like most people and it did look good, but nope. Sorry.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, as for most of these little ciggies they taste similar but this one I was expecting to be very good, but it just was not. I did leave it for a while then came back to it a few hours later to see if there was a change and if I could get used to it, but no, definitely could not use it. Binned it.


Me to, the presentation was nice on these but the taste was like nothing I have ever had before. Not nice for me.

I thought the taste was OK, but was is unacceptable is the lifespan. the first one I got gave me 5 vapes before giving up and flashing red, the second didn’t work at all, and the 3rd gave me 1 vape.

I would expect a day’s worth of vaping for the money.

This is a complete rip-off.

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