Grand Bet Auto Review

Grand Bet Auto is a sports betting tipster service provided through the Betfan group in conjunction with an anonymous tipster who claims to have contacts in various sports.

What does the product offer?

According to the promotional material for Grand Bet Auto, the tipster behind the service is a well known person in football, allegedly recognisable to millions of footy fans and the UK media. As a service, Grand Bet Auto offers near daily tips which are centered on football but due to the alleged contacts that the tipster has, this can include other sports with examples coming from darts and tennis to date. Staking goes as high as 5 points per bet covering things like win bets, over/under bets, correct scores and even any time scorer bets. Unfortunately the proofing does not come with any strike rate however there have been no losing months to date.

How does the product work?

As I have said earlier, the tipster behind Grand Bet Auto is claimed to be a big name in football and this allegedly affords him some insider knowledge. This is the foundation of what Grand Bet Auto is sold on however I do have questions about this that I shall explore below.

What is the initial investment?

Grand Bet Auto is being sold on a subscription basis with monthly and quarterly options available. These cost £59 and £118 respectively. There isn’t really a money back guarantee as such as Betfan say that whilst they will review refund requests, they are not typically granted.

What is the rate of return?Grand-Bet-Auto-Review-betfan

Since it launched Grand Bet Auto has gone on to make a profit of 302.18 points since December 2014. It is worth keeping in mind however that almost half of this was came in the first month.


Whilst I can appreciate the need for the tipster behind Grand Bet Auto to keep his anonymity, there is one thing that particularly bothers me about the service. This is namely based around the fact that because of the nature of football, insider information is not as relevant as it is compared to other sports. The proofing shows a service that had a strong start however over the last 3 months the profits have significantly slowed. All of this makes Grand Bet Auto a very big gamble for me and as such, given the price, I’d be inclined to give this a miss and look back in to see if there is any significant improvement however I wouldn’t put too much stock in this.



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From: Simon Roberts