Gratips Review

Gratips is a betting website operated by Theo Kournis. It offers a number of betting solutions with the core Gratips product being tips for a variety of sports.

What does the product offer?

Gratips is a tipster service and website by Theo Kournit that provides a number of sports betting and horse racing tips and solutions. Gratips operates on a rather interesting prospect where instead of subscribing for a length of time, you purchase a number of bets which you can then choose to use. Gratips also provides access to a number of other tips through various tipster services that are associated with the company. The selections for Gratips has chosen has allegedly produced an overall strike rate of around 43%.

How does the product work?

When tipsters sign up with Gratips, they agree to provide Theo Kournis with a certain number of their tips to be sent out to the general public. This allows for a larger variety of different tips coming from different disciplines.

What is the initial investment?

Signing up to Gratips costs £10 for 100 tips from the various tipsters that they have in house. There is also a free trial where you get 10 free tips. Unfortunately there is not money back guarantee or the like.

What is the rate of return?

The claimed profits for all services that Gratips offers combined is claimed to be 310.4 points although there is not timescale for this although I would presume this to be over 12 months.


The set up for Gratips is quite an interesting one and whilst I have some questions, there are ultimately a lot of positives to take away. First and foremost is the price which is very reasonable, but more so the set up. What I like about Gratips is that you can buy tips when you have the money and for that receive a variety of sports bets and horse racing bets. This helps to keep betting interesting and entertaining, especially for the more casual punter. I feel that that really hits the nail on the head in terms of who Gratips is suited for. Serious bettors will likely be uninterested in this because of the number of variables involved but for someone who just wants to play a few bets and look to make a little on the side Gratips is a very convenient offer.



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From: Simon Roberts