Green Smoke Discount Codes 30% Reviews

Are Green Smoke discount codes are available? well you really need to consider if are the best products

…because if our own reviews are anything to go by, then there are FAR better alternatives for you.
When you are considering giving up smoking, you simply HAVE to pick the best products available on the market, and most of the reviews that we are receiving are indicating that there are better products, and FAR more savings to be had. You have to read this about Green Smoke, especially if your main concern is finding promo, and discount codes for electronic cigarettes. Please read on.

You simply have to choose the right product.

We have vast knowledge of the electronic cigarette market, and many of our own staff are already using ecigs to give up smoking, and we have heard of many stories about certain brands, and their enticements, followed by their whopping costs to continue using their products.
This is serious. Giving up smoking is serious, and if you are just going to ‘play’ at it, and be enticed by the latest shiny website offering ecigs, then not only are you going to become unstuck, but chances are that you ‘may’ not succeed in your efforts to give up smoking.

Greensmoke Discount Codes
Greensmoke Discount Codes

Are there better alternatives to Green Smoke?

Yes! In our opinion, now that the electric cig market has become popular, there are certain companies that are trying to jump onto the bandwagon, and we are not saying that are doing that, but what we are saying is that there ARE far better products for your money.

What you need to consider with electronic cigarettes.

The main issues to consider, are the prices of your ONGOING usage, for example:

1) What are the refill costs – The cartridge costs?

2) How long do the batteries last?

3) What are the cost of consumables?

4) Are the cartridges refillable?

5) The cost of the ejuices?

6) What is the customer service like?

 There is one company that DEFINITELY give value for money, and it is also being talked about by thousands of UK customers do the fantastic prices that can be had, and the very reasonable cost of the consumables, and that company can be found by clicking on the following link of our website:

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And save yourself a fortune on discount codes and savings on refills, and consumables.

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I tried these green smokes and didn’t really like the taste. The cities didn’t last long either, the batts I mean. Shame as everything else looked good, but I don’t use green smoke anymore.

Get it right with the right cities and you are onto a winner with these eciggies.

Green smokes were ok. The discounts codes were not as good as you can get with some other companies when you weigh up the savings when refilling your own carts.

Not bad for a starter but if you wanna stick with this, you need something a little more robust.

Nah, tried these green smoke ecigs and not much cop to be honest. I use the larger Vapers which work a lot better.

I did find a discount code for them, but just didn’t bother. They are not cheap enough.

Greensmoke products look good, but as others have been saying here, you want to be getting the products that are built to last, instead of these things that although good for a few weeks, become tiresome.

I have used most of the ecig brands available and one thing that does stick out, is the fact that eh will most try and tempt you in with starter packs, and green smoke do this too. But and most of my mates who use ecigs have done the same, is that they quickly realise that these small starter packs are just not good enough.

One of the biggest bugbears I had was that the batteries really are poor quality. Green smoke sell these batteries knowing full well that you will need spares, and so then they expect you to buy mor and more,

What I did was just not bother, and looked for an ecig brand that had batteries that LASTED!!!

Honestly, it will do your head in having to change batteries all the time, and god forbid your battery runs out, then you are deep do do.

You need ecigs with bigger batteries!!!

I am a user of green smoke e cigs. They are ok for a casual user, but if you are a heavy vapour, you may want to use more lasting products.

I am looking to return my order to Green Smoke, even after a discount, I just dont feel these are going to be the products for me. Can somebody please advise of the returns address, and if green smoke actually give refunds?

I gave them a try, but I have found another supplier I want to use.


Oops I’ve wasted my money on´╗┐ many dinrefeft ecigs out there like NJoy, Blu, Fifty-One Trio (this was the absolute worst!!! Please dont buy Fifty-One Trio !!! They will try to get you at the mall!!!),Etc I’ve even tried off-brand ecigs which I don’t suggest b/c u don’t know what’s in them. Green Smoke is the BEST in vapor and FLAVOR!!! They actually taste like what it’s suppose to!!!

I went from Greensmokes onto other ecigs because I wanted to use what many others were using, the larger vapours. I have tried a few now, and now have loads of different kits I vape from.

I use green smokes and they are ok. For me they are ok, because I am only a light smoker anyway, so greensmoke just about do what I need

Green smokes were the first electronic cig a I tried. Seemed ok, but you don’t always get what you pay for with ecigs. Just because the prices are higher does not always mean better quality. They did help me give up smoking though, even though I no longer use greensmoke, I don’t smoke proper cigs anymore, so something did work.

Green smoke were ‘ok’ but not for long term, their products are more for casual smokers rather than people serious and who have smoked for a long time.

Green Smoke have a nice shiny website, but most of them do. You find the real vapour outlets when you dig behind the scenes, and better products to be had there too.


sent off for my greensmoke starter kit yesterday, hope it is good

I placed an order with green smokes a 10 days ago and still waiting for it to arrive. I have also contacted my local delivery office and heard nothing yet. Here’s hoping.

I am looking at my options at the moment, and green smoke is on my list to evaluate, so I will let you all know my review if I decide to go with them.

Thanks for the info, and speak soon.

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