Grey Samuels Bet to Win Review

Grey Samuels Bet to Win is a horse racing betting system from the eponymous Grey Samuels that claims to be able to identify winning horse racing selections all year round.

What does the product offer?

Honestly, it would probably be easier to list what Grey Samuels Bet to Win doesn’t offer as this is one of the largest hodge podge of products that I have ever looked at. For the purposes of this review I will mostly be looking at the core Bet to Win software (nicknamed “The Machine”), however I will likely drift into the other things that are packaged with Grey Samuels Bet to Win.

The main software is supposedly the culmination of 13 years of betting on horse racing, all condensed down into a simple piece of software which according to zz, requires just 3 clicks to find your bets after which you simply have to follow the advice.

Allegedly, Grey Samuels Bet to Win requires no experience, expertise, start up capital or even much of your time. This is a very bold claim however it is one that I am disappointed to note has any real backing.

How does the product work?

As I have touched upon, the core of Grey Samuels Bet to Win is the machine, a piece of software that has supposedly been “fully approved, tested and passed by independent review”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any evidence to back this up. There is however a vague description of what it does, supposedly automating “the generation of statistics and percentages relevant to Auto Bet System X”.

As well as the core software, Grey Samuels Bet to Win includes access to a mind boggling 16 other “products” that range from another “Most Incredible Betting Tool EVER” to training on how to “Ask Doctor Shaman” and even merchandise for Auto Bey System (advertised for “Discerning Sportsmen everywhere”).

What is the initial investment?

Grey Samuels Bet to Win is currently being sold at a rate of £69.99 per month with payment processed directly via Paypal. There is a money back guarantee of sorts in place however this isn’t clearly defined in terms of the terms.

It is said that if you don’t make £5,000 in 6 months then you can claim a refund, however it is also referred to as a general 6 month money back guarantee. Personally, I wouldn’t put too much stock in either of these.

What is the rate of return?

Interestingly, there is no real claimed rate of return for Grey Samuels Bet to Win. The closest we are led to is a claim that you could “turn £20 into £500 or even £981 every day”, a statement that has no evidence to back it up at all.

There is also a claim that you will make at least £5,000 in 6 months however there is nothing detailing the staking plan involved for this.


Honestly, there isn’t a single aspect of Grey Samuels Bet to Win that gives me faith in the product. The fact that the sales material alone is so shifty (naturally replete with images of Grey Samuels posing with a Lamborghini) should be enough to put anybody off.

The seemingly desperate inclusion of so many products, all of which seem to exist simply to make Grey Samuels Bet to Win seem like better value (something that I don’t believe it is, even at the price charged). Personally I don’t recall a product that feels so unnecessarily bloated or so desperate to validate that it represents value for money. This isn’t even the biggest problem with Grey Samuels Bet to Win for me.

The big issue is simply that I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe that Grey Samuels Bet to Win is any good. Without this, I simply cannot recommend this, especially



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I was a member for a while and worked out 1 aspect of the software was that it highlighted races that had a 40% or more chance of the favourite winning (which any with the Racing Post can find out). I used these races to come up with different selections which won 70% of the time (but with small odds of about 1.5, so a good staking plan was needed). He asked me to come onboard with my selections and be part of his team of “gurus”, after a few months he asked me for £1,000 as his finances were tight (just for a couple of weeks he said), as I made enough money I thought okay. BUT after the weeks turned into months I started to email him and all the other members, I found out I no longer had access to the site and all my contact was being ignored. To this day I never got my £1,000 back. BY the way Samuels is not even his real name its Cooper. As in the lead singer in the band “Grey Cooper Blues Experience”

Why do you think i got out Mark

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