Greyhound Dutch Traps Review

Greyhound Dutch Traps is a piece of software which has come from Winningmore and Steve Davidson. As the name suggests, it is a greyhound based system that leans into the dutching approach to betting.

Introduction to Greyhound Dutch Traps

Greyhound racing has always been something that has struck me as… Well, it’s a bit niche if I’m honest. Horse racing and football betting are significantly more popular by and large, however, that doesn’t mean that having a decent system in place for greyhound racing is a bad thing. In fact, at the time of writing this, here in the UK, the sport is about the only one that is continuing.

Which actually got me to thinking. I’ve looked at a few different greyhound racing tipsters before, but rarely do you see something different to that. Enter Steve Davidson of Winningmore. The man puts out a lot of betting systems, some of which are much better than others. But today’s subject, Greyhound Dutch Traps, looks like it could be interesting.

Let’s be honest here. One of the appeals of betting as a way of making money lies in the fact that it is a mostly hands off experience. And given that Greyhound Dutch Traps is pretty much automated, well, that carries appeal. As does the overall wider approach to betting. In fact, this may well be one of the more interesting automated betting systems that I have looked at for some time. So, let’s dive in, and see if it can deliver.

What Does Greyhound Dutch Traps Offer?

There is always a short answer to what Winningmore products are about, and that is because Steve Davidson has always struck me as a no nonsense kind of bloke. In this case, you can very easily summarise the whole of Greyhound Dutch Traps by simply saying that you are getting a piece of automated software that uses a dutching approach to greyhound racing.

But honestly, I also find that taking this kind of oversimplification of a product or service is a bit insulting really. Because there is also generally a lot of depth to what Winningmore and Steve Davidson do. And Greyhound Dutch Traps is also, not surprisingly, any different really.

Now there are a few elements that I want to talk about here. Firstly, I want to discuss the software itself. I’ll be blunt here. It isn’t really the best looking thing. Nor is it necessarily entirely intuitive. This is all something that does count a little bit against Greyhound Dutch Traps, however, it is far from a deal breaker.

The fact of the matter is that with time, this does become much easier to use. If I’m entirely honest, there is always an element of “overwhelmingness” when it comes to Steve Davidson’s software. Because they are invariably quite complex beasts, there is a lot to process when you first  open it all up, and much of that rather lacks context until you start to get to grips with it.

As a little bit of housekeeping, it is worth noting that Greyhound Dutch Traps is a piece of Windows only software. With that said, Steve Davidson does open up the option of installing it on a VPS whereby you could theoretically access it from any device. This also means that you can run the software pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is much more important than how Greyhound Dutch Traps does things, are the things that Greyhound Dutch Traps does. And this is definitely a feature laden piece of software. In fact, within certain parameters, you can set this up to bet almost exactly how you want.

This is the part where it becomes difficult to talk about Greyhound Dutch Traps because Steve Davidson has definitely crammed a lot into it. And as such, talking about features almost becomes a difficult thing to do by virtue of the fact that there is so much to tackle. None the less, I will do my best to try and cover everything in a coherent fashion.

So, first things first, Greyhound Dutch Traps isn’t configured out of the box to follow certain rules. You have to programme this one yourself, which is a massively important element to consider. What the software does do is automatically bet on all greyhound races that Betfair covers which meet the criteria that you choose to set.

Arguably the closest that you get to a “system” with Greyhound Dutch Traps is the idea of dutching certain traps. Steve Davidson talks about the fact that on most dog racing tracks, there are biases that exist in terms of dogs winning more depending on where they start. You may then look to back races when those favourites start in one of those traps. But that is only really a jumping off point.

The fact is that you can also look at things like how far down the line of favourites you want to bet, configure distance ranges, what grades of racing you want to bet on, whether or not the software will use recovery staking or a stop loss. Realistically, you can configure this to bet exactly how you want it to. Which carries a massive amount of appeal.

It should go without saying that the broader your approach, the more betting opportunities you will have, however that inevitably increases the risk somewhat. However, the fact of the matter is that if you aren’t betting a lot, then using Greyhound Dutch Traps for it seems like a bit of a luxury (at least, in my opinion).

Now there are a few examples that Steve Davidson provides of Greyhound Dutch Traps in action, and these paint a pretty decent picture of what you can expect by using the software. Each of the examples is based on slightly differing scenarios that you could set up with the software, each with wildly differing results really.

Simply betting on the top two favourites on all Aussie greyhound racing for two and a half hours yielded a strike rate of 68.4%. Running for 9 hours where the top favourite is in trap 1 or 8 yielded a strike rate of almost 50%. Focusing on the UK and looking at races where the favourites had odds of between 2.00 and 5.00 yielded a 100% strike rate over 6 races.

How Does Greyhound Dutch Traps Work?

Talking about Greyhound Dutch Traps and how it works is a very difficult affair if I’m honest. Because ultimately, this is a massively varied thing. The fact of the matter is that as is so often the case with something like this, there just aren’t any hard and fast rules in terms of how everything “works”.

What I can talk about a little bit is the inner workings of everything. The software is designed to communicate directly with Betfair via their API. When the criteria that you have laid out appears, the software will automatically place the bets for you. This is where Steve Davidson comes up with his tagline of “Netflix for Greyhounds”.

The idea is that because the software is going about and doing its business in the background, you are able to simply kick back and watch the racing, something that is notoriously difficult to do with greyhound racing because of the very short length of a race.

The final aspect of Greyhound Dutch Traps that is probably worth mentioning is the dutching element. For those who aren’t familiar with this, you are backing multiple outcomes in the same race with a view to minimising your risk. Here, the focus is primarily on backing the two top favourites which can obviously still go wrong.

With that said though, there is ample evidence to suggest that this is something which clearly can work. 

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Greyhound Dutch Traps, there is just one option. This is a one time payment of £79.97 for which you get a 12 month license to the software. As of the time of writing this, it is noteworthy that Steve Davidson is offering a discounted rate which allows you to buy a 12 month license for £49.97.

It is worth keeping in mind that Steve Davidson doesn’t provide any sort of money back guarantee with products from Winningmore stating that they are none tangible products. This of course does make a decent amount of sense, however it is something that you really need to keep in mind when you are considering this as an option.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of Greyhound Dutch Traps that is probably the most important, and the most divisive element. The income potential. Here’s the thing with products of this nature. How much you will get out of them depends entirely on what you are willing to put into them. This isn’t just in terms of the stakes that you place, but the entire betting structure that you decide on.

For some idea of the potential though, I will turn to Steve Davidson’s own examples. These have shown winning bets amounting to 20 points of profit in 30 minutes to an average of around 1 point per bet profit. ROI’s also vary from around 18% going as high as 50%. Honestly, I believe that these are all attainable figures, however, there is the caveat that Betfair can be somewhat volatile and these results are all based on actually getting your bets matched.

Conclusion for Greyhound Dutch Traps

If I’m completely honest, whilst there is definitely a lot to consider here, I ultimately rather like Greyhound Dutch Traps. But I can say with genuine confidence that this isn’t something that will work for everybody, and that is really where you should start when considering if this is for you.

I have never really hidden the fact that I always prefer a betting system to a straightforward tipster service. It is all about having that element of control over what you are doing. Being able to adapt your approach if things stop working. Do things your way and at your own pace. Honestly, that level of freedom is pretty much priceless.

And Greyhound Dutch Traps does give you most of that, albeit in a more structured way. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. I won’t hide the fact that I rather admire what Steve Davidson does. I haven’t liked everything that he has put out under the Winningmore umbrella, but I can appreciate the hustle. If there is an angle on betting, you can almost guarantee that Steve Davidson has considered it.

This is important because it means that when you buy a piece of software, you are getting something that has been thought about and  usually been tested to at least some degree. Now the one thing that I will level as a criticism here (and Greyhound Dutch Traps is a very good example of it) it is that the samples of data can sometimes be a bit on the smaller side.

There are multiple examples of different configurations of Greyhound Dutch Traps working here. Whether you want high volume or low risk, Steve Davidson shows that he has tested it. But can you consider 6 bets conclusive evidence of something working? Personally, I don’t think that you can.

Moving away form that, I want to talk about how you interact with Greyhound Dutch Traps, because really, this is at the core of everything. What you are getting here is a bit of a bare bones structure. Steve Davidson can make it work because he’s been doing this since Jesus was a lad. Does that mean that when you take over you are guaranteed to see the same results? Of course it doesn’t.

Getting to that level takes time and experience with the betting approach as well as the software. Which all brings me roughly to my final thoughts on Greyhound Dutch Traps. Namely, they are it’s good, but will take some investment. But let me build on this.

£50 isn’t a lot of money in the world of betting services and products. If you can get Greyhound Dutch Traps for this price, you are getting a year of software that once you are used to it, could be set up to run online on a virtual machine, betting for returns of 20p a go. You wouldn’t even have to return to it in theory (although I would definitely recommend you don’t leave it like that).

There is genuine passive income to be made here, so long as you are willing to put in the time (and the money). And the fact that this can be achieved in the kind of niche that most people don’t currently bet in makes it even more appealing.

So, with that in mind, this is really worth a look. That is, if you aren’t just looking for easy. If you do want something that explains and talks you through everything, there are much better products out there. But what Steve Davidson is doing here with Greyhound Dutch Traps, whilst not entirely unique, is ultimately something that shows a lot of potential. 


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