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Greyhound Insider Review – The Bet Professionals

Greyhound Insider is a greyhound racing tipster service which is being offered through The Bet Professionals. They claim that the service has produced some strong results to date.

Introduction to Greyhound Insider

In this line of work, it seems inevitable that certain types of tipster services are going to appear more often than others. Horse racing is, as you would probably expect, the most common option. It is after all the largest betting market in the UK. This is followed by football betting which is the second largest betting market.

After this, there is a bit of a drop off with a variety of more niche services appearing. Now, I will admit that if I were building a betting portfolio tomorrow, the first place that I would start is with the aforementioned sports, but what about after that? One area which I think is oft overlooked is greyhound racing, and Greyhound Insider is supposedly the best.

In fact, The Bet Professionals actually say in their sales material “The man behind Greyhound Insider we believe is THE NUMBER ONE greyhound tipster in the UK”. That is quite the claim, as are the headlining results. So, with this in mind, I am quite keen to look at Greyhound Insider and see whether or not it is a tipster service that is actually capable of delivering on The Bet Professionals’s promise. 

What Does Greyhound Insider Offer?

As far as tipster services go, superficially at least, Greyhound Insider doesn’t really do anything that is particularly new or stand out. What it does seem to offer however is a very professional and methodical approach to greyhound betting. This isn’t exciting, but if you are reading this, chances are you aren’t looking for a thrill. You are looking to profit.

This applies to a number of elements of the service including the management. I will admit that I don’t immediately recall looking at anything from The Bet Professionals. What I can say is that they do a more than competent job of getting selections to Greyhound Insider subscribers.

These are sent out on a near daily basis (there are a few no bet days with this service, however I feel that this is pretty common place for any decent tipster service). As you would expect, these are sent out directly via email which contains all of the information that you need to get your bets placed.

Now, when it comes to greyhound betting, a lot of services I have looked at will send out selections quite late in the day. This is because a lot of tracks won’t start racing till early afternoon. In the case of Greyhound Insider though, you can typically expect your selections to be waiting for you between 8am and 9.30am.

This of course gives you plenty of time to get bets placed and get the best possible odds that are available. This bit about the odds is quite pertinent with Greyhound Insider because, as The Bet Professionals’s proofing demonstrates, you aren’t dealing with low odds bets (quite an uncommon thing in greyhound racing). As such, stretching them can significantly increase the profitability.

On the subject of the bets, whilst I stand by the fact that Greyhound Insider isn’t breaking new ground, there is a decent amount of variety in terms of what you receive. These range from straight win bets to each way bets, and even forecast bets. All of this doe sat least mean that there is always something interesting going on.

As mentioned, there is a focus on identifying bets with longer odds here and it shows. Looking at The Bet Professionals’s proofing, historically, bets under evens are a very rare thing and typically speaking, you will be looking at 2/1 and higher. Whilst not huge odds, these are pretty good for greyhound racing.

Now, one thing I do think it is worth touching on is the volume of bets, because there is a lot of variety in this regard. As I’ve already said, there are no bet days. There can also be days with just a single bet, other days, Greyhound Insider might recommend five or six bets. All of this seems to be influenced a lot by how the service supposedly works (but I’ll get to that).

One thing that I feel it is important to note is that there is quite a significant staking plan in place. All bets are advised to anywhere from 1 point going all the way to 5 points. This latter number will show up a lot though, so you have to keep that in mind if you are looking at Greyhound Insider.

Now, one thing that I think that The Bet Professionals should be commended for is the fact that in taking this approach to staking, they also recommend an appropriate betting bank. You are advised to have a 200 point reserve. This means that if you are following Greyhound Insider, then there should be enough to take any losing streaks.

This brings me to the strike rate for Greyhound Insider. Now, you shouldn’t come into any tipster service expecting not to lose. That is a part and parcel of betting. How often you lose though is something that should be kept in mind.

Now, The Bet Professionals have proofed Greyhound Insider going all the way back to 2015 and as such, when you look at the strike rate it is a decent representation of what to expect. And at an average of 35.49%, I can say from experience that honestly, this is a very impressive result.  

How Does Greyhound Insider Work?

I alluded to how Greyhound Insider works a little earlier on saying that no bet days seem inevitable. This is down to the fact that The Bet Professionals make the following claim. They say “He [the tipster behind the service] is an owner & breeder and there isn’t a face worth knowing in the greyhound world that he doesn’t have in his contact book”.

We are also told that he has been personally betting on greyhound racing for over 26 years which of course, suggests a lot of experience. The focus here for me however is that implication that there is a lot of inside information involved in identifying bets.

For a lot of sports, I am rather cynical of this kind of claim. With greyhound racing though, it isn’t necessarily hugely expensive to get involved. I also know that it is a tight knit community. As such, if you know the right people, and you get along with them (and perhaps line their pockets) I see no reason why you wouldn’t get  their insight.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a number of different options that are available if you want to subscribe to Greyhound Insider, all of these of massively differing price points. There is of course additional value in subscribing for a longer period of time. With that out of the way, let’s look at those subscriptions.

The lowest outlay is of course the monthly subscription which is priced at £47 per month (inclusive of VAT). This is a hell of a lot of money and a lot more than I would typically expect to pay for a tipster service.

The options that The Bet Professionals clearly want you to consider are the quarterly subscription for Greyhound Insider which is priced at £75 (including VAT), and a 6 monthly subscription. This is priced at £120 which works out at £20 per month meaning some massive savings.

It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee on The Bet Professionals’s products and this does include Greyhound Insider. Whilst this isn’t necessarily the be all and end all, you should factor this in if you decide to purchase the service. 

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential for the service, I want to come back to that headlining number that I mentioned earlier. This suggests that Greyhound Insider subscribers are making £4,000 per month. This is a huge amount of money, however it does come with a number of caveats, key to which is that this number is based off £50 per point stakes.

More contextualised numbers show an overall profit of some 3,855.38 points (to BOG) by the end of August. Now, this is going all the way back to 2015 which is a hell of a long time. For the year to date, you are looking at a profit of some 500 points which is a very strong number (although it is tempered by a reminder of those stakes).

For more context, there is an ROI of 29.92% which is a strong result over that length of time. This is once again proofed to BOG. You should note that to SP, this ROI falls very substantially to 1.61% highlighting the importance of getting the best possible odds. 

Conclusion for Greyhound Insider

For some reason, there have been a number of greyhound tipster services recently, and they have had some very mixed results. Now, this is no bad thing. Greyhound racing is a bit of a niche thing really and the more examples that there are, the better. And of these numerous tipsters, Greyhound Insider is one of the more standout examples.

I’ll start with some of the problems that exist here, because there are one or two. The first thing that stands out is that the staking plan won’t necessarily suit everybody. I know a lot of tipsters and reviewers who will argue that if you can’t afford to follow the advice, don’t sign up for a service. I am not on the same page as them.

The fact of the matter is that higher stakes can be a very intimidating thing when you hit a losing streak. There is definitely some mitigation here though. I think it is more than reasonable to say that if you scaled back on those stakes, there is still potential to make money here, at least, if you are on one of the longer subscriptions.

This brings me to a second issue which is the pricing. Make no mistake, if you are subscribing for a longer period, then Greyhound Insider is very good value for money. Paying £20 per month for a service like this is a decent offering. But I really do wish that there were a trial period or those monthly costs were a little lower.

The final problem that I have with Greyhound Insider isn’t really a problem, if I’m honest. But it is something that you really do need to keep in mind, and that is the gulf between BOG and SP. Getting the best possible odds is key to making this a profitable service.

Don’t forget that The Bet Professionals’s proofing show s a difference of more than 3,500 points over the lifetime of Greyhound Insider. That is such a huge gap that even knowing it is there, I can’t quite get my head around it. As such, if you have restrictions on your betting accounts etc. or have had accounts closed then you will probably want to look elsewhere.

With those details out of the way, Greyhound Insider is a remarkably consistent tipster service and it has proven immensely profitable historically. Honestly, looking back at that list of problems, I will say that none of them are necessarily deal breakers. They are more cautionary things to consider.

As such, I am going to end by saying that so long as you can have the discipline, are in a position to get the better value subscriptions, and are in a position to get decent odds, then Greyhound Insider is something that really warrants your consideration.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is one of the more impressive “niche” tipster services I have looked at for some time. If you are building a portfolio, then this is something that may will give you decent profits in an area that you have been overlooking so far.


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